Summer 2015 Feature Articles

North Fork Retreat

Written By Erin H. Turner      

ON THE FIRST DAY OF OUR ANNUAL SUMMER GATHERING at the little Forest Service cabin on the North Fork Road, after we’ve set up our chairs around the fire circle and filled our red cups, inevitably someone will look east toward Glacier National Park, point at two spindly, dying conifers between us and the mountains and say, “Those two trees are…


Biking the Maah Daah Hey Trail

Written By Alan Kesselheim      

WE HAD BEEN PLANNING THIS TRIP FOR YEARS, but when it came down to it, success hinged on a handwritten phone number scrawled on a sticky note hanging in the window of a closed-for-the-season bike shop in Medora, North Dakota. “If you need service ASAP, call …”  Early morning, late October, on a deserted side street in front of Dakota Cyclery.…


Montana Crossroads

Written By Michael J. Ober       Photography By Lynn Donaldson      

IF YOU HAPPENED TO STUMBLE INTO AUGUSTA, MONTANA, the last weekend in June, and were unversed about the local culture, you’d experience the day when this town of just over 300 souls swells to twice that size during the state’s largest one-day rodeo.  Now in its 79th year, the Augusta Rodeo draws top talent from Montana, the surrounding states and Canada.…


Montana Roads

By Dudley Dana      

MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH MONTANA ROADS began on what we called the Sheep Dip Road north of Columbus where I grew up. I learned to drive on this road accompanied by my driving instructor, also known as Dad. He patiently explained as best he could, while Elvis Presley’s “All Shook Up” blared in the background, how to move forward without throwing…


Rendezvous at Red Ants Pants Music Festival

Written By Rick Bass       Photography By Tony Demin      

YEAR IN, YEAR OUT, THE RED ANTS PANTS MUSICAL FESTIVAL is its own sweet self, unchanging in its community feel-good and do-good vibe, no matter what acts are playing. Pasture-yoga in the mornings, cold beer in the afternoon, music at night. The landscape is wide-open space, heated blue sky of late July, dust, grit, brilliant light, with summer hanging high and…


Raptors on the Rise

Written By Kim Ibes       Photography By Erik Petersen      

IT'S ONLY 9 A.M. BUT THE Montana Raptor Conservation Center, located just north of Bozeman, Montana, is squawking with activity. A late April storm has unleashed a foot of snow, adding a layer of complexity to Becky Kean’s already busy day.  The center’s director, Kean is on the phone with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service trying to figure out the…