Summer 2013 Feature Articles

Hitching a Ride Through the Big Sky

Written By Bill McAuliffe       Photography By Lynn Donaldson      

THERE'S NOT A LOT to do when you’re hitchhiking and the highway’s gone quiet. You can stretch. You can write in your notebook. You can listen to the meadowlarks, or check out the trash in the ditch. You can take that song in your head and sing it — loud as you please. I’d tried all these things already on…


Please Slow This River Down

Written By Brian Schott      

I PLACE MY CELL PHONE AND WALLET in the safe at the Glacier Outdoor Center — home base of Glacier Raft Company in West Glacier — and it feels good. Seriously good. I’m here to take a guided 24-mile float on one of the most beautiful wilderness slices of river anywhere. Sleep under the stars. Eat richly. Drink deeply. And…


Artistic horizons

Written By Christine Rogel      

NATURALIST AND ARTIST GEORGE BUNNMAN SPENDS SO MUCH TIME sculpting in his “big studio” of Yellowstone National Park, that last fall a cow elk walked over and took a bite from one of his sculptures. “Most of the time I sketch from life, once in a while from photos, but more importantly it comes down to watching at a very…


The Bluebird of Happiness

Photography By Bruce Pitcher      

MANY SONGS HAVE BEEN ABOUT BLUEBIRDS, including a popular song titled “Bluebird of Happiness” by Edward Heyman and Sandon Harmati in 1934. In song, film, poetry and literature, the bluebird is truly a bird of beauty, joy and good health. In Montana, three bluebird species exist: Eastern, Western and Mountain. All three species can be identified and categorized by their…


A Loon at Last

Written By Amy Linn      

IT FINALLY AND IRREVOCABLY occured to me, on a recent day by a mountain lake when the wind played tag with shore birds and the water bobbed with mergansers and avocets fluttered like confetti in the sky, that I couldn’t stand it any more: I needed to see a loon. I’d wanted to find one for years, and on this…