Summer 2014 Feature Articles

Catching Bob

Written By Julie Lue      

WE HAD JUST WALKED ACROSS the bridge when a pickup truck rumbled past. Three seconds later, the truck’s taillights glowed red, then white, as the driver stomped on his brakes, backed up with a spurt of gravel and hit the button for his window. Big truck, big mustache. My husband and I stared in at him, each of us with one…


Four Decades Later

Written By Bruce Smith      

IF ASKED, MOST PEOPLE WILL name their favorite animal. Mine is perhaps the most extraordinary mountaineer to ever live — the mountain goat. I’ve admired the shaggy beast and its lofty lifestyle for many years. But for me, one singular August morning captured the wonder of the animal’s realm. Beyond the ragged divide I straddled between two glacier-gouged canyons in Montana’s…


Montana’s Food Pioneers

Written By Corinne Garcia       Photography By Rab Cummings      

FRESHER FOOD, A BOOST TO THE LOCAL economy and more open space are just a few of the reasons why a local food system is important, but like any system, there are a lot of moving parts that need to come together to make it successful and sustainable. In Montana, agriculture remains the largest industry, made up mostly of cattle,…


The Big Grassy

Written By Jan Elpel      

I HEARD THEM BEFORE I SAW THEM, like the rumble of thunder announcing a lightning storm. A visceral hammering that arose from the slopes, magnified in a chaotic rhythm, a discordant beat that resounded off walls of balsam firs. I could feel the pulse of the men yearning for adventure, danger perhaps, the wild horses fleeing the chase. I was searching…


The Cowboys of Central Montana

Written By Robert Osborn      

FOR THE LAST 40 YEARS I have done my best to make good photographic art and that remains my intention when I photograph a cowboy. Which is to say, I am not trying to document cowboy life — riding, roping, branding. Each time I photograph a cowboy, it is my intention to create a singular and artistically elegant portrait. Over…