Round Up: Brush Creek Distillery

This fall, Brush Creek Distillery, located on The Farm at Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming, launched its first line of small-batch spirits. Distilled and crafted onsite, embracing local and natural resources, and using the finest ingredients, the first batches of Brush Creek Straight Bourbon, Brush Creek Straight Rye, Brush Creek Vodka, and Brush Creek Gin can now be found in liquor stores across Wyoming. “We are thrilled to showcase the high-quality spirits crafted right here in our backyard,” says managing director Andrew Wason. “Our craft distilling and blending processes allow us to closely monitor every batch, barrel, and bottle, and do things that larger distilleries cannot do.”

Wason helped launch Brush Creek Distillery in 2019, fulfilling a vision to produce spirits at the ranch. He embraced the challenge after acquiring 18 years of experience in wine and spirits distribution at Republic National Distributing Company, where he climbed the executive ranks to hold positions in operations, sales, finance, and marketing. He also served for numerous years as chair and a board member of Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America’s Conference for Leadership Development. He’s now charged with developing and operating Brush Creek Distillery’s craft spirits program and expanding its presence in markets around the country.

The team at Brush Creek Distillery looks to its environment and the Western landscape for inspiration and collaborates with The Farm at Brush Creek using certified organic greenhouse botanicals, mountain water, ranch-foraged ingredients, and sustainable practices. The four products now available include:

Brush Creek Straight Bourbon: A unique four-grain blend, showcasing the beauty of multiple straight bourbon whiskeys from storied programs born in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, rested at high elevations under Wyoming’s wide-open skies. The product and its unique mash result in bold aromas of malt and dried cherries that mingle with hints of new leather and thyme, along with a well-balanced combination of vanilla, fresh caramel, and toasted oak with hints of cinnamon. Price: $59.99

Brush Creek Straight Rye: This rich and robust straight rye whiskey, born in Indiana and matured in Wyoming, features a spicy aroma of fruit and florals, followed by flavors that include hickory, roasted pecans, butterscotch, and vanilla. It’s complemented by a spicy finish and delivered in a smooth, creamy body. Price: $49.99

Brush Creek Gin: This small-batch New American-style gin utilizes juniper that is foraged from the ranch and surrounding areas, along with botanicals produced onsite in the 20,000-square-foot certified organic Brush Creek greenhouse. The gin is redistilled using a combination of boil-and-vapor infusion in a 250-gallon Vendome copper pot still. The aroma features light juniper notes for a balanced, smooth, refreshing mouthfeel that showcases flowery orris, chamomile, and a hint of spice on the finish. Price: $28.99

Brush Creek Vodka: This non-GMO vodka is redistilled onsite using a Vendome copper pot still to further remove impurities. It’s then cut with filtered mountain water from the nearby Snowy Mountain Range. The end result is a crystal clear, unadulterated spirit with a hint of natural grains and minerality from the fresh water, and a clean and smooth finish that makes it a perfect match
for an array of cocktails. Price: $26.99

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