Jerry Iverson | Courtesy Of Aunt Dofe’s Gallery

Round Up: The Legacy Continues at Aunt Dofe’s Gallery

When Dave Kirk bought an old mercantile building in Willow Creek, Montana — about 30 miles from Bozeman — with inheritance money from his beloved Aunt Dofe, he converted it into a residence, art gallery, and woodworking studio, establishing a legacy of no-strings-attached support for contemporary Montana artists. After Kirk’s death in 2015, Juni Clark purchased the property, carefully restoring and expanding the gallery, while upgrading the living and studio space for an artist-in-residence program. Today, Aunt Dofe’s boasts over 1,300 square feet of exhibit space in two galleries.

Kathleen Rabel | Courtesy Of Aunt Dofe’s Gllery

Clark, who was born and raised in Montana, says Aunt Dofe’s is “all about the artist.” Her hope is that, by providing the space with no pre-conditions or entanglements, regional contemporary artists will feel free to expand their vision beyond the scope of a mainstream gallery.

Crista Ann Ames | Courtesy Of Aunt Dofe’s Gallery

For more information on the gallery, upcoming events, and exhibitions, visit This fall, Aunt Dofe’s Gallery is proud to present the following exhibitions:

August 5 – September 9
Kim Cheselka

September 16 – October 16
Kathryn Schmidt and
Jennifer Pulchinski;

October 21 – November 27
Christine Joy and Sara Mast;

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