Winter 2013 Feature Articles

Montana’s Race to the Sky

Photography By Will Brewster      

IT STARTS WITH ONE SIBERIAN HUSKY, or maybe an Alaskan, a dog who thumps her tail when you sing “Hey, Jessie” and scratch her on the rear. Then she whelps a litter, and kennel creep sets in. Now you’ve got three dogs with pizzazz, then it’s seven, yapping, howling, reeling for a run. You start to talk the casual talk…


Montana: Skiing the Last Best Place

Written By Brian Hurlbut       Photography By Craig W. Hergert      

CHRONICLING THE 18 SKI HILLS from Big Sky to Whitefish and every one in between is as much an ode to Montana as to the sport of skiing for photographer Craig Hergert. This is a book that captures part of mountain culture that is changing rapidly and he recognized an opportunity to record it. He loaded up his truck with…


Big Sky Journal List, 1994-2013

Written By Big Sky Journal Staff      

1. Catch the Fire in the Sky According to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, 2013 and 2014 are ideal years for viewing the Northern Lights. Scientists predict these glowing, horizon-wide arcs, bands and wisps will occur more regularly and frequently in 2013 and 2014 than at any other time in the past decade. Try to predict the aurora’s occurrence using…


Confessions of a Would-Be Cowboy

Written By H. William Rice      

I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A COWBOY. As a child, I perched on the arm of my grandmother’s sofa and rode the range while watching “Gun Smoke” or “Bonanza” on television. I assumed at some point in my life, I would graduate from the red straw children’s cowboy hat my parents bought me to the real item. But wearing a…