Round Up: News and events from around the Northern Rockies

Hunters who log serious mileage understand that footwear is one of the most essential elements of a successful mission. The Bozeman, Montana footwear company, Kenetrek, developed in 2002 by avid sheep hunter Jim Winjum, gets that, and they also understand the rugged Rocky Mountain terrain. Wyatt Nielson of Kenetrek explains that the recently redesigned Bridger Ridge Hikers are a good choice for early fall hunting; durable for unstable terrain and waterproof for walking through the early morning dew. He also recommends the Mountain Extremes for colder weather and more rugged terrain, and the Pac Boot for slogging through the snow. “A lot of companies build a hiking boot, but not with hunters in mind,” Nielson says. “We add a lot of aspects that hunters need, like stiff soles that don’t allow for side-to-side movement, and more stability when traveling on uneven terrain with heavy packs.”

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