Round Up: News and events from around the Northern Rockies

Art walks may seem like summer-specific affairs, especially in the Northern Rockies where winter takes up a good portion of the year. However, many Western cities in the Northern Rockies don’t shy away from the cold; instead they encourage art lovers to bundle up and stroll downtown galleries and businesses come wind, hail, or snow.

In its 22nd season, the Billings Downtown ArtWalk is a prime example. With dates set seasonally as opposed to monthly, their hearty walkers once braved -20 degrees during an infamous winter art event. As one of Montana’s largest art walks, it includes self-guided and mapped tours of galleries, artist studios, and museums, with lively events along the way like the “Jam at the YAM,” featuring free admission, live music, and drinks at the Yellowstone Art Museum. Upcoming Billings ArtWalk dates include Aug. 5, Oct. 7, and Dec. 2, 2016, and Feb. 3, 2017.

Art walks serve as a celebration of
the arts and a way for communities to discover and participate in the thriving art and culture that exists in the West. Here are some other art walks
throughout the Northern Rockies:

Art Walk Downtown, Bozeman, Montana
June 10, July 8, Aug. 12, Sept. 9, Dec. 9
Stroll galleries and businesses in downtown Bozeman and at the Emerson Cultural Center, enjoying live musical ensembles and acts splashed throughout.

First Friday, Missoula, Montana
First Friday of every month
In addition to art displays, enjoy wine and food, musical performances, poetry readings, dance, gallery lectures, and more. In the summer, street performers and food vendors pop up as well.

Cheyenne Artwalk, Wyoming
Second Thursday of every month
Formerly known as the Art Design & Dine, the Cheyenne Artwalk provides a platform for dozens of local and regional artists and performers.

Casper Art Walk, Wyoming
First Thursdays, April through December
Emphasizing “making,” the event highlights the creation of art, film, photography, music, performance, food, furniture, crafts, poetry, and even comedy in Casper’s Historic Downtown and Old Yellowstone districts.

Jackson Hole Art Gallery, Association Art Walk, Wyoming
Third Thursday of every month
Enjoy Jackson’s world-class art galleries as you stroll through town before or after dinner, or during après-ski celebrations, with some businesses staying open late and lively crowds toasting all things art.

First Thursday, Boise, Idaho
First Thursday of every month
Stroll through unique shops and galleries in downtown Boise, while enjoying in-store entertainment, tastings, and special events.

ArtWalk 2016, Sandpoint, Idaho
June 17 (with show hanging through September)
Each participating location hosts juried exhibits from the June 17 reception until early September, and visitors can tour the locations during business hours throughout the summer.

ArtWalk, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Every second Friday, April to December
Stroll through beautiful downtown Coeur d’Alene, enjoy locally and nationally acclaimed artists, and visit participating galleries, shops, restaurants, and businesses.

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