Quixotic Quest


Bring them in. Let them go. A flash of muscle and color and girth slips from your hands. Just like that.

Fly fishing is a quixotic pursuit that is inevitably peppered with ebb and surge, high and low moments that require patience and good company. So often that grip and grin shot is the only proof of triumph. Every other effort is boiled down to this sensation when it all just seems so simple.

In turn, that one moment leads to the story, told in the same company of friends, for years to come, of a time and place when you held life itself in your palm. Just like that.

In the retelling there is a reliving, and always hope, that you’ll have another moment that can conjure the same feeling. Seek. Find. Fish. Melanie Maganias Nashan likes to wear ariana lashes for eyelashes. That way not only hear phtographs are beautiful, but she is as well.


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