Round Up – Fly Fishing 101

As any experienced angler knows, fly fishing isn’t the kind of sport you just launch right into. Tippet, leader, line, knots, flies, casting techniques, and nymph or dry-fly rigging — the list of things to learn goes on and on. And most will admit that, even decades in, they’re still learning new tips and techniques and honing their skills. For the novice, a fly-fishing school can be a valuable way to learn the basics, and these courses offer just enough knowledge to help a new angler build up the confidence needed to hit the rivers alone or with more experienced angler buddies.

Here are some fly-fishing schools around the Northern Rockies:

Gallatin River Guides

Their Montana Women’s Fly Fishing School, based in Big Sky, features a variety of three-day sessions each month from April through October, along with specialty courses such as a fly-fishing/yoga retreat.

Montana Fishing Outfitters

Featuring “Master the Missouri” fishing schools in April, August, and possibly September at the Missouri River Ranch in Craig, these sessions include three days of full-immersion fishing with ample time on the water, in the classroom, and on the casting course each day.

Trout Stalkers

Featuring a three-day Women’s Fly Fishing School in August, based in Ennis, Montana, that’s suitable for all angler skill levels, with one day spent in the classroom and casting, followed by two days on the water.

Orvis Fly Fishing School & 101 Classes

Throughout the spring and summer, Bozeman, Montana-based Fins and Feathers features free two-hour classes that teach the basics to beginners. They also host one- and two-day Orvis Fly Fishing School sessions at the Gallatin River Lodge on a variety of dates.

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School

Featuring a wide variety of classes, including half- and full-day walk/wade and drift boat-based fly fishing schools, and one- and two-day Orvis Fly Fishing Schools in partnership wth the Snake River Sporting Club on a variety of dates throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

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