HOME 2009: Design Elements

Traditional cabins meet the twenty-first century

A new style of architectural design is emerging in the American West, one that taps the spirit of history even while keeping an eye on the future. It’s an aesthetic that integrates a homestead heritage with sustainable living, luxury with logic, pleasure with pragmatism. From the country opulence of a renown designer’s personal living space to the practical sustainability of a series of tiny “micro cabins,” Big Sky Journal: The New Montana Cabin is one part rustic, one part recycled, and all parts refined style.

Written by one of the foremost “lifestyles and living” names in the Northwest and supported by the expertise and experience of Big Sky Journal, this coffee table resource provides ideas and information you can depend on, with inspiration to create your dream. With more than 100 sumptuous color photographs throughout, this book is a treasure trove of architectural inspiration to savor as you plan or dream about your cabin, wherever it may be.

$29.95 | 406.586.2712

Montana Mobile Cabins

Each Montana Mobile Cabin we build is as unique as its owner, because the owner actually helps design the cabin. Individual preferences and the unique coloring of our hand peeled logs make for a truly “one of a kind” cabin.

Montana Mobile Cabins is a family owned and operated business located in Whitehall, Montana. The cabins we produce are not kits. We build your cabin on our site and transport the completed cabin to your site. Our cabins are made much the same way that log homes were constructed a hundred years ago with hand peeled logs, full front porches, rustic wood ceilings and exposed finished wood floors. Wherever your recreation destination – be it hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, hiking or just getting away, Montana Mobile Cabins provides the perfect solution for your wilderness retreat.

406.287.5030 | www.montanamobilecabins.com

Crazy Mountain Cabinetry

Located in historic Livingston, Montana, Crazy Mountain Cabinetry boasts the largest cabinetry, stone, ceramic, and hardware showroom in the area.  Inspiration, attention to detail, and unique design are combined with a budget conscious approach to offer you an infinite selection of stock to custom cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and accessories.



Large custom homes in resort destinations are sophisticated projects, marrying the focus of an architect’s unique design and a builder’s fine craftsmanship.  No two properties are designed and built the same, and no two owners’ requirements are the same.

Savantage exists to focus entirely on owners’ needs, working as a hub to collaboratively harness the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results.  All things that add value benefit your project; what benefits your project, benefits you.

Have a project in mind or underway?

406.579.4896 | savantagecr.com

Bradner Design

Brandner Design has been creating architectural features for over 20 years. We hand-build tables of  all sizes, stools and benches, hutches, vanities and cabinetry for discriminating clients  across the country. We provide an artistic approach to furniture and discriminating architectural elements for both interiors and exteriors. Each design possesses the signature Brandner style blended from  timeless industrial strength and contemporary elegance. Using primarily reclaimed and renewable  materials and found objects, a Brandner piece is functional and practical but also adds distinction to any space like only fine art can. Combining steel, aluminum, hardwoods and salvaged materials with innovative  processes and engineering creates designs that  defy definition.

Brander Design works one-on-one with clients from design through the final installation to ensure that every challenge is met with an incomparable design that stands alone.

406.223.6860 | www.brandnerdesign.com

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