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Down to Earth: Rammed Earth Architecture
Written by Sergio Asensio

Renowned Spanish editor and designer Sergio Asensio’s Down to Earth: Rammed Earth Architecture features 22 national and international architects who have incorporated rammed earth in their designs and construction, including Ward | Blake Architects’ work on the Wyoming Nature Conservancy. The book explores the ancient building method’s recent resurgence and its application for improved efficiency and sustainability in construction. Rammed earth is a wall-building technique that uses earth, chalk, lime, and gravel to construct naturally insulating, non-combustible, and durable structures. Found in nearly every continent and climate, rammed earth building invites a unique marriage of form and function, and Down to Earth renders a stunning compilation of its most interesting and distinctive iterations.

$49.95  |  280 pages  |  October 2023  |  Booq Publishing

The Meaningful Modern Home: Soulful Architecture and Interiors
Written by Celeste Robbins, with contributions by Jacqueline Terrebonne

Principal architect and founder of Robbins Architecture, Celeste Robbins’ debut monograph, The Meaningful Modern Home: Soulful Architecture and Interiors, offers a visual narrative of her integrated approach to architectural, interior, and landscape design. Highlighting nine of her most inspiring residential projects from across the country, Robbins offers irrefutable evidence that, in her words, “modernism can be warm and rooted in a vivid sense of place” and it can create comfortable gathering spaces molded from “natural materials with patina and life.” With each chapter dedicated to a specific project and meaningfully modern ethos — as well as 175 stunning interior and exterior photographs — the volume provides a compellingly complete answer to any who might question Robbins’ assertion.

$60  |  240 pages  |  September 2023  |  Monacelli Press

The Art of Home
Written by Sara Story, with contributions by Judith Nasatir

The first book from internationally acclaimed New York City-based designer Sara Story, The Art of Home features a selection of interiors from various locations across the country, including Story’s own three residences. Informed by a childhood spent in Japan, Singapore, and the U.S. — and extensive travels since — Story’s aesthetic vision inspires clean, elegant designs guided by what she describes as a “global bohemian sensibility” and an enduring passion for art and fashion. With diverse essays, new photography, and never-before-published projects, the book is a collectible for interior aficionados piqued by the beautifully unexpected.

$60  |  256 pages  |  September 2023  |  Rizzoli

Installations: Making Place, Inspiring Public
Written by CLB Architects

CLB Architects’ newest publication, Installations: Making Place, Inspiring Public, highlights seven public art installations and the firm’s continued work on projects inspired by the intersection of art and architecture. Through both text and imagery, the featured installations demonstrate CLB’s guiding architectural and artistic principles in action: to engage the community in conversation and connection. “As the private homes, airports, and public spaces are embedded in the landscape, gracefully evolving with each passing generation, CLB’s installations, although designed and executed in a relatively short time, endure through site-specific reincarnations and within community memory,” explains the Jackson, Wyoming- and Bozeman, Montana-based firm. Copies of the hardcover complement CLB’s first book and monograph, Inspired by Place, and all proceeds from the new book’s sale will be donated to Jackson Hole Public Art.

$45  |  161 pages  |  December 2023  |  CLB Architects

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