BZN International Film Festival June 7-10

BZN offers a platform for independent filmmaking and creative expression, and supports emerging and established voices. The vision behind BZN is to highlight movies that make a positive impact on audiences—stories that showcase the best of the human spirit while inviting a call to action. We champion films that educate and enrich while they entertain: documentaries, indies, comedies, features and shorts that make our cut must be intelligent and thought-provoking, inspire curiosity, and encourage community and global awareness. Above all, they should stimulate conversation—a lost art we’re determined to help restore.

The inaugural Bozeman Film Celebration event BZN International Film Festival is June 7-10, 2018 in Bozeman, Montana. The BZN International Film Festival will spotlight women filmmakers, directors, actors and producers who understand that film is a powerful medium to convey their dreams and passions—and who are ready to take the helm, pioneering projects to change current statistics and elevate women’s visions and voices.

Whether you’re a serious cinephile or simply appreciate a good movie, we’re sure you’ll treasure this adventure and mark BZN as an annual must-see on the festival circuit!

The Festival will feature 70 films, eight of which are Montana made. Tickets go on sale June 4. Click here to see the full schedule of events.

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