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The Stella collection by hammerton Studio

Lighting plays an essential role in the design of a home. While it serves functional needs, it’s also an integral element that either blends with the overall style of interior spaces or adds a unique stylistic mark. The Stella Collection by Hammerton Studio accomplishes both by merging minimalist design with celestial flair. This collection, new for 2021, includes a ring chandelier, sconce, pendant, linear suspension, and multi-port fixtures that integrate LED lighting and artisan cast glass in a choice of eight finishes, including a variety of silver, brass, and bronze tones.

For 25 years, Hammerton has specialized in unique, handcrafted lighting designs, with every aspect of production occurring in their 50,000-square-foot studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Stella Collection is a perfect example of the quality creations that the company is known for. The collection uses geometric cast glass diffusers that are handmade piece-by-piece, resulting in lighting fixtures that make an artistic statement, radiating beams from each multi-faceted orb that twinkles like the stars.

Along with the Stella Collection, Hammerton Studio offers a number of designs — ranging from Bamboo to Urban Loft collections — that complement a wide range of architecture and interior design styles. Their products are available through local dealers around the country, including Earth Elements, with locations in Bozeman, Montana; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Ketchum, Idaho; and Park City, Utah; and Gallatin Valley Furniture also in Bozeman. Visit the Hammerton website to see more design collections and vendors near you.

Starting at $995
Sizes vary

Portable Hot Tubs by Diamond Spas

Indulge in luxury with one of several portable hot tubs by the Colorado-based company Diamond Spas. Both the Monarch and the Crestone are four- to six-person hot tubs that are fabricated with stainless-steel or copper frames and removable access panels on all four sides for easy maintenance. Panel options include stainless steel, copper, a panel-free model for drop-in underground installation, or the client’s choice of materials for siding. Both spas feature 14 jets, comfortable bench seating, and two-part water maintenance systems that utilize ultraviolet sanitizers and hydrogen peroxide to keep the water fresh and clean. The Monarch is certified for both appliance and energy efficiency standards for portable electric spas. For relaxation, comfort, and convenience — not to mention quality — both the Crestone and Monarch models are first-rate additions to any mountain home.

Jacuzzi hot tub in house whistler British Columbia

Diamond Spas creates several lines of custom stainless steel- and copper-fabricated pools and spas — including glass-walled pools and spas, swim spas, and cold therapy pools — along with water features. The company also creates luxury indoor and outdoor bath fixtures for both residential and commercial markets.

Monarch: 86 x 86 x 39 inches
Starting at $26,500
Crestone: 90 x 90 x 39 inches
Starting at $28,500

Handmade Dinnerware Set by Basiclai

 Bozeman, Montana-based potter Marianne Robilotta cares about the sustainability of her community, and that’s a big reason why the ceramics she sells through her studio Basiclai (pronounced bay-si-clay) are produced with the gentle care of her own two hands. “It’s important to be aware of where our material goods are coming from and how they’re made,” she says. “Buying handmade or local should not be a luxury.”

Robilotta founded Basiclai in 2017 with a mission to create high-quality utilitarian pottery in a simple, clean, and refined style that could just as easily complement a traditional or rustic home as it could a mountain modern or ultra-contemporary one. The five-piece dinnerware set is glazed with neutral tones and features a large, medium, and small plate, a medium bowl, and a small mug that are all dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe. Order just two settings for a small household or guest house, or enough to feed a crowd.

Along with the sets, Basiclai produces a number of other pieces in the same clean style, including cheese stones, French butter crocks, a variety of mugs and bowls, utensil crocks, and honey pots, along with lamps, vases, dog bowls, and more. Robilotta is currently expanding her Bozeman studio and showroom, with plans to open to the public this fall.

From $154 per set   |

Save the Ranger Game by J. Bradley Greenwood

Working from his studio in Montana’s Paradise Valley, near Yellowstone National Park and just south of the colorful town of Livingston, master furniture maker and woodcarver J. Bradley Greenwood uses honey locust, elm, white oak, pistachio, mulberry, eucalyptus, and walnut wood to produce the Save the Ranger Yellowstone National Park Mechanical Shooting Gallery. This is a one-of-a-kind moving target game and a limited-edition work of art that incorporates copper-leaf inlay, recycled steel, hand carvings, restored vintage game parts, and an original painted design by the maker’s son, Jesse Greenwood. Part of Greenwood’s National Park Series, which features a range of small-scale shooting gallery games reminiscent of an early 20th-century style, this piece highlights the wonders of Yellowstone. With an intricately whittled carving of a grizzly bear mount serving as the focal point — and also as an example of Greenwood’s impressive carving skills — the game features bear silhouettes and a panoramic full-color scene of a park ranger (the goal for players is to save the ranger from the bears).

With 35 years of experience working with wood, Greenwood takes pride in authenticity and quality craftsmanship. Along with other ornamental mechanical games, lighting, furniture, and custom creations, his works add vintage flair to interiors and are as durable as they are exquisite.

20 x 30 x 55 inches

Rowan Console By Epoch West furniture

Perched on a black iron base, the rowan console by Epoch West Furniture in Bozeman, Montana, is handcrafted from flat-sawn oak and finished in a gentle white tone that highlights the beauty of the wood grain patterns. And if that weren’t enough, upon opening the console doors you’ll find a pleasant surprise: The interior is finished in a translucent sapphire blue that enhances the character of the wood, while also adding a dramatic touch. The interior shelves are adjustable and each of the three doors features custom inlaid iron hardware. The sleek design, along with the contrasting colors of the white-washed wood and black iron, gives the Rowan a contemporary feel that’s perfect for a mountain modern home, yet it’s classic enough to fit right in with more traditional interiors. Like most Epoch West creations, this console can be built to custom dimensions or ordered at the standard size.


Epoch West was founded in 2009 with the goal of translating Montana’s natural beauty into high-quality furniture that stands the test of time. With everything from beds and office furniture to entertainment centers and dining tables — along with custom designed pieces — most of their products feature locally sourced materials and iron or hand-carved wood accents. Each piece is handcrafted by a team that’s led by owners Marc and Clarice Lien, who have been working in the furniture industry for more than three decades.

Price available
upon request
60 x 18 x 32.25 inches

portable fire pits by Cowboy Cauldron

We love the spirit in which the cowboy cauldron Company was born. Soon after owner Mike Bertelsen built a cauldron-like fire pit for himself, his brother wanted one. Then his neighbor wanted one, and word continued to spread from there. And it’s easy to see why: They are versatile and functional; they add an intimate, cozy feel to backyard gatherings; they provide warmth to extend the outdoor living season; and you can even build a fire underneath and use them as cooking vessels.

Bertelsen’s Cowboy Cauldron Company has come a long way, and they now feature a variety of sizes and options, including The Ranch Boss, a top-of-the-line model that graces resorts, ranches, and backyards worldwide and is the perfect choice for larger gatherings; The Wrangler, which is a good option for home chefs; The Urban Cowboy that’s great for warming up smaller backyard gatherings; and Bertelsen’s most recent creation, The Dude, a portable version of his original fire pit, weighing only 35 pounds and made with segmented legs to easily fit into the trunk of a car for camping trips or beachside picnics. Each model comes with a cauldron basin, tripod frame, hook and chain assembly (allowing for basin height adjustment), charcoal grate, cooking grill, and rain cover.

Starting at $999   |   Sizes vary by model

Dining Chairs by Alan Daigre Designs

Alan Daigre gained recognition for creating a rocking chair with a suspended back, and his company has now applied that same technology to this unique set of dining room chairs. And, according to the craftsman, happy customers report that their guests linger longer around the table when sitting in them. “The real beauty of the design is in the comfort,” Daigre says. “With the block seat and suspended back, the chair is free to adjust to the body.” Inspired by natural textures and clean, simple lines, the comfortable, functional, and artistic chairs start with solid air-dried hardwood frames, usually walnut, cherry, or maple. The seat and back consist of individual wood blocks that are threaded together by a cable with an 1,800-pound breaking strength, which prevents stretch and wear over time and is guaranteed for the life of the chair. And each one is topped off with a hand-rubbed finish that lets the wood’s rich colors and grain patterns come through.

Daigre started studying the craft of chair making in 2002 with a drive to make something different, and his unique designs are proof of his success. He has since moved his production to a 10,000-square-foot commercial building in Woodbury, Tennessee, where his team also creates rocking chairs, bar stools, office chairs, and more.

Side Chairs: 41.5 x 20.5 x 16 inches
Starting at $1,850
Arm Chairs: 41.5 x 28 x 16 inches
Starting at $2,100

Lutron Motorized Shades by SAV Digital Environments

Blending leading-edge technology with design, SAV Digital Environments (located in Bozeman and Big Sky, Montana) offers whole-home automation systems. When it comes to their automated shading solutions, they have incredibly high standards of aesthetics, quality, and reliability. To bring an integrated, fully custom shading system to its true potential, they create one that aligns with their client’s tastes and needs, resulting in beautiful, elegant, personalized designs that are intuitive and user-friendly. With innovative solutions provided by Lutron — a company known for its high-quality, cutting-edge, energy-saving home solutions — they are able to accomplish incredible results.

Lutron’s automated shades are integrated with a lighting control system, providing intuitive functionality from a broad range of wall controls or smart devices, such as an iPad. This offers several one-touch options, allowing homeowners to quickly and effortlessly create a scene within any room. Similar to their shades and controls, SAV also offers intelligent light sources from Ketra that deliver high-quality dynamic lighting. The end result is maximum comfort and convenience, without foregoing style and personalization. Their years of experience and expertise instills confidence in their clientele, and with an ample amount of options, SAV can work within most budgets.

Sizes & prices vary   |

The Hogan Bed from the Kerry joyce collections

Over the decades, designer kerry joyce has been honored with awards from a number of esteemed sources, including an Emmy for set decoration. He’s lauded partially for his devotion to creativity and also for his passion for timeless design. In addition to his interior projects, Joyce has channeled his diverse talents into The Kerry Joyce Collections, which includes a set of refined furniture pieces that blend traditional and modern sensibilities. These qualities are evident in the clean lines of this mahogany Hogan Bed. Its classic style makes it a perfect fit for a bedroom decorated in any fashion. Joyce has also created a line of light fixtures and rugs, and his collections are exclusive to the trade.

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