Back 40: Refuge

What if we took a moment to pray for snow

Let’s call it Salmon
Weather and let’s stop
Calling it a nuisance or an inconvenience
Let’s pray to the snow as if it is a gift
Not for recreation
But of re-creation
Let’s not worry the cold, here, in our warm house
Let’s pray for everyone to have a warm house
Let the white be cleansing
For once, in a good way, the right-
eous not a color but something outside
The human. Let us not make snow
Into men, but let it lie over the top
Of the graves that we have dug
For beloved pets, parents,
And dreams. Let’s stay inside today,
Watch from the big picture windows
Feeding only the fire and the birds
For once, not complaining that the weather
Has not met our needs. Look, at the snow
Gathered on the beak of the Flicker, how she let’s
It stay, as if she knows, what we should
That in time it will nourish

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