Winter 2014 Feature Articles

A Wild Ride

Written By Reno Walsh       Photography By Ryan Turner      

1-2-3 PULL! 1-2-3 PULL! Straining to get a good grip on the snowmobile in waist-deep powder, each of us dug for a solid stance and then pulled with all of our might. The machine inched forward. Again — 1-2-3 PULL! As we heaved backward, Matty K hit the throttle and the machine punched out of its pit, up onto the…


Big-Bigger-Biggest Sky Resort: Ride it Like a Local

Written By Brian Hurlbut      

ON A BLUEBIRD POWDER DAY LAST WINTER, a friend and I made the early morning dash to Big Sky for a chance at some fresh turns on Lone Peak. Of course, we weren’t the only ones with that idea, and by the time we made it from the base village to the tram there was already a healthy line. What followed…


Winter 2014: Big Sky List

Written By Big Sky Journal Staff      

1. SUP THE CALM WATERS OF JACKSON LAKE in Grand Teton National Park are perfect for stand up paddlers to take in the surrounding views. Hikes, waterfalls, fishing and ultra-photographic landscapes abound, but along the western shore of the lake there are quiet bays and isolation with awesome views of Mt. Moran. Nearby the trio of Jenny, String and Leigh…


Fiction: Elk Limp

Written By Sarah Grigg      

THE COUCH WAS UNCOMFORTABLE. WHEN COLD, he slid across the seat like a puck on ice, and when hot, stuck to the plastic cover and peeled himself away in hair-tugging stickiness. But the house wasn’t his and the land wasn’t his, so he had no place to complain or even think twice about it. He sat on the floor and leaned…