Fly Fishing 2014 Feature Articles

Home Waters

Illustrated By Jesse Greenwood       Written By Shann Ray       Written By Carter G. Walker       Written By John Heminway      

Pilgrimage By: Carter G. Walker THROUGHOUT MY 20s, I spent every one of my birthdays in bad weather on a beautiful river in Idaho. As a child in St. Louis, my April birthday paired naturally with Easter bonnets and Cardinals season openers. But in my 20s, I was compelled — for reasons I didn’t know then and probably couldn’t explain even…


Can the Rod Save the Day

Written By John Gierach      

I GOT A RAMBLING LETTER FROM A FRIEND the other day talking about rods. His fly rods, that is, past and present: what they were, where they came from, where some of them eventually went (in recent years he’s given some away to guides) and what he liked or didn’t like about them. It was the kind of letter you write…


Sweetwater in Wyoming

Written By Jeff Erickson      

ROAMING FLY ANGLER SOMETIMES UNCOVER extraordinary places where history, geography and flowing water intertwine and illuminate each other. I’ve found a few such locales in my wanderings; Central Wyoming’s Independence Rock is among them, a granitic temple of profound convergences. In sun-bleached August air I clambered up the steep incline. Once on top, my trip up the trout-rich Sweetwater River…


In Pursuit of Adventure… and Shimmery Fish

Written By Brian Hurlbut       Photography By Craig W. Hergert      

I'LL JUST COME RIGHT OUT AND SAY IT: I don’t get out fishing that much these days. Oh sure, I’ll take my 6-year-old son out a few times during the summer and if I’m lucky I’ll cast a line during a few of our weekend family camping excursions, but the lazy days of spending hours on the river searching for…


Fallback Creek

Written By Julie Lue      

WELL, MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE. I’D BEEN MEANING TO BUY A FISHING NET for a while, and this area had a reputation for big trout. But at my level of fly fishing expertise, I was afraid carrying a net would constitute an unseemly show of confidence, like you see in those guys who propose on a Jumbotron. Yes, the fish will…


Trout Stream in Your Heart

Written By Chad Hanson      

EARLY IN THE MORNING ON THE FIFTH OF AUGUST, I start north out of Casper up the east flank of the Big Horn Range. The prairie is green on account of a wet spring and a storm in late July. My course will take me passed Sheridan up to the town of Ranchester, where I catch a route through the…