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Eclectic Expertise

Written By Melissa Mylchreest       Photography By Ryan Day Thompson      

EARLY 20TH-CENTURY INDUSTRIAL LANDSCAPE. Ultra-urban, modern design studio. Midcentury upscale loft. Weatherbeaten barnyard. Depending on where your gaze falls in this home, your impression of it will shift. And yet, somehow, the whole thing holds together in one mesmerizing kaleidoscope of color, texture, and material.  “There’s definitely an eclectic aspect to the house,” admitted Jeff Brandner. “It’s true there are…


Wyoming Family Heritage

Written By Kristen Pope       Photography By Audrey Hall      

Architecture | JLF Design Build, Construction | Big D Signature, Landscape Design | MD Landscaping and Verdone Landscape Architects, Custom Cabinetry | Crown Creations JIM AND MARY SPEYER'S HOME outside of Jackson, Wyoming, is a showcase of family heirlooms dating back to the 1780s, and of treasures collected during their world travels, serving as a fascinating and artful display of their personal…


Rooted in the Land

Written By Melissa Mylchreest       Photography By Matthew Millman      

TUCKED AWAY IN A NARROW VALLEY in Western Montana, a small meadow runs up against a steep hillside. Old ponderosa pines tower above, their crevassed trunks honey-colored in the late afternoon light. Deer browse nearby, weaving through hawthorn and chokecherry. And nestled into the crease of the land, between field and foothill, sits a gem of modern architecture, designed so skillfully…


Calm on the Landscape

Written By Allen Morris Jones       Photography By Karl Neumann      

FOR MANY OF ITS RESIDENTS, the Black Bull golf community, a few miles outside of Bozeman, Montana, represents a perfect compromise. It’s a way of living in a convenient location (close to town, 15 minutes from the airport) but in a community that encourages creative, custom homes. You can build a very personal abode even while staying close to Main…


Falling Into Place

Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By Audrey Hall      

ONE WAY TO COPE WITH MONTANA'S LONG WINTERS is to embrace them, and perhaps the best way to do so is to suit up and go skiing. At least this was one family’s approach when determining where to build their new home in Big Sky, Montana: Proximity to the slopes was a top priority.  “The biggest thing for the homeowners…


A Farmhouse Revival

Written By Corinne Garcia       Photography By Lark Gilmer       Photography By Tanner Houselog      

IT WAS AROUND 1870 WHEN DEVELOPERS STARTED platting downtown Bozeman, Montana, beginning with the buildings on Rouse and Main streets. The town stretched out toward the south with hopes that the construction of the Northern Pacific Railway through the valley would bring prosperity. By the turn of the century, homesteaded ranchlands dotted the Gallatin Valley to the south and beyond. One…


The Vision of a Chef

Written By Michele Corriel       Photography By Whitney Kamman      

THIS CONTEMPORARY RESIDENCE DEEP IN THE MOUNTAINS of Big Sky, Montana, reflects the owner’s passion. As a private chef, she imagined a place where she could cook and entertain, a place where friends might gather to share good food and better conversations. Her vision, translated perfectly by architect Daryl Nourse of Reid Smith Architects, overlooks a stunning landscape, and was sited…


A Rustic Retreat in Polaris, Montana

Written By Christine Phillips      

WHEN ASKED TO TALK ABOUT HER FAMILY'S SUMMER HOME, Ellen Foster doesn’t hesitate. “I’d be happy to,” she said. “It’s my favorite topic!” And understandably so. Located in Polaris, Montana, the rustic mountain escape is a beautiful, thoughtfully- designed home that has evolved during the course of 15 years to harmonize with the couple’s all-embracing, time-honored approach to summer.  “There…


The Limber Pine House

Written By Caroline Patterson       Photography By Darby Ask      

WALK INTO THIS BIG SKY, MONTANA, home at a certain time of year, and the colors of gray, white, amber, and red reach out to you, echoing the winter palette outside, resonating with the sweep of the snow-capped Spanish Peaks and rounded Yellow Mountain, bordered by willows. The lines are clean: from the glistening cable railing to the stainless-steel countertop,…


High-Altitude Luxury

Written By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Karl Neumann      

DESIGN-BUILD CONTRACTOR Mike Zoske met his ideal client seven years ago, and worked with the Arizona-based businessman on properties in Montana and Colorado over a four-year period. When the client decided to buy property in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, he already knew that Zoske would be taking over the management of what would be a very ambitious project. The property was remarkable,…


Carte Blanche

Written By J. Michael Welton       Photography By Roger Wade      

TO GET THE NEW HOUSE HE WANTED near Alta, Wyoming, Paul Brakke, of Boston, gave Mitch Blake the gift every architect wants from a client: free rein to design it. “We were very hands-off,” Brakke said of the approach he and his wife, Lalitha, took. “We came out twice, so Mitch and the builder were on their own for the…