May Exhibits at the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture

Three New Exhibitions Feature Four Montana Artists

In the month of May the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture is opening three new exhibitions featuring four Montana artists: Danielle O’Malley, Steve Osman, Meghan Purcell and Lauren Lipscomb. Each of these artists will showcase their unique talents in a two-month exhibition. A reception for all three shows will be held on Friday, May 12 from 5-8 PM, in conjunction with the Emerson’s annual Open House in which we will celebrate the organization’s 24th birthday. Refreshments, live music, and activities will be available to the public. Come see what the Emerson, tenants and our featured artists have been working on this spring!


Jessie Wilber Gallery

Efflorescence – Ceramic work by Danielle O’Malley - May 12 – July 7, 2017

Ms. O’Malley’s work is a reflection of her interests in the natural world and morphology. She is drawn to horticultural imagery and the alluring qualities of a plant’s unusual shapes and mutations. Her work combines movement, fragility, fluidity and tactile qualities into a single, convincing form. Since graduating with her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Danielle has traveled the globe working as a resident artist, teaching assistant and demonstrator. She currently lives and works as a professional artist in Bozeman.


Lobby Gallery

Ancient Lifeforms – Oil paintings by Steve Osman – May 12  – July 7, 2017

Steve Osman is a self-taught artist and Bozeman resident of 17 years. His degree in Environmental Biology and 11 years living in Costa Rica cultivated his interest andappreciation for nature. This series represents two of the oldest life forms on earth, lichen and Sandhill Cranes. Both of these species have helped Osman explore and develop his unique artistic style. Lichen, giving him breadth with bold, impressionistic shapes, and capturing the beauty of cranes encouraged representation in combination with impression. Within the varying subject matter there is a loose yet enduring quality distinctive of Osman’s work.  


Weaver Room Gallery

Behind the Wool – Honoring the Integrity of Montana Sheep Ranchers– Fiber art and photography by Meghan Purcell and Lauren Lipscomb - May 12 – June 30, 2017

The work of Fiber Artist, Meghan Purcell, and Photographer, Lauren Lipscomb, is cultivated through the ideals of sustainable and intentional practices. Shaped from a collective vision, Behind the Wool emerged as an artistic collaboration and investigation into the challenges Montana sheep farmers face in present times. With cooperation from six local farmers, this vision developed into an opportunity to understand their personal efforts and involvement to combat these struggles, as well as the adaptations deemed necessary to preserve and sustain Montana sheep ranching.

The Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture is located at 111 South Grand Avenue in Bozeman, Montana.


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