Winter 2016 Feature Articles

Another Kind of Nightlife

Written By Kristen Pope       Photography By Tristan Greszko      

AFTER THE TRAM, GONDOLA, and 11 lifts at the 2,500-acre Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) stop turning for the day, after the skiers and vast majority of resort employees have wandered home or found their way to a local watering hole, for a handful of workers — the night groomers — the day is just starting.  It’s 4:30 p.m. when I…


Fire and Clay Beneath the Big Sky

Written By Alexis Marie Adams       Photography By Melanie Nashan      

THE LAND HERE CARRIES SOMETHING SPECIAL. We note the morning light on a grassy expanse, the whiff of sage, the hush of a small town before it wakes. Archie Bray knew this when he started his clay center in Helena, Montana, 65 years ago. Isabelle Johnson felt it when she painted scenes from her family’s ranch in the Stillwater Valley.…


From Field to Table

Written By Corinne Garcia       Photography By Janie Osborne      

WITH HUNTING SEASON IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR, those who had the good fortune to fill their tags also have full freezers. Now it’s time to consider what to do with the harvested meat. Every ethical hunter eats the game that he or she harvests, and with well over 16 million hunters nationwide, and more than 100,000 in Montana alone, that’s…


House Justified

Written By Toby Thompson      

A HALF-DOZEN BULLET HOLES pockmarked the ceiling in Sam Peckinpah’s apartment at Livingston’s Murray Hotel, holes the director placed there one night while tossing  in a fit of drug-fed paranoia. A Duncan Phyfe table 14 feet long stood near a rough-hewn bar where Peckinpah cheered pals such as actors Rip Torn and Warren Oates with strong drink and stand-up arm wrestling.…


Cowboys on Film

Written By Allen Morris Jones      

AMONG THE SHARED MYTHOLOGIES of our culture, the narratives that help define who we are and where we come from, few are as pleasantly misleading as that of the American cowboy. The disconnect between the clean shaven and pistol-toting, spur-jangling, riding-off-into-the-sunset fiction and the bloody, vulgar, overworked and underpaid, hoof-bruised reality is, alas, a Grand Canyon of pop culture entertainment.  Consider…