Winter 2015 Feature Articles

Bonded by Snow

Written By Corinne Garcia      

“YOU'RE NOT HOOVERING MY LINE!” he yells as he drops into a powder stash we find off Lone Peak at Big Sky Resort. I watch him gracefully link turns, floating on the fluffy snow. Every now and then he lets out a yowl; it’s not uncommon for him to sing or yodel his way down a slope. This is my 70-year-old…


The Traveling Dance

Photography By Lynn Donaldson      

THE SEASON'S QUEST MIGHT HAVE COMMENCED in mid-May at the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale, with Cord Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans having wowed the crowd on Thursday, and three bands dispersed along Main Street keeping saddle bronc and bull riders dancing in front of the Montana, Bison and Trails End bars on Friday and Saturday nights. Or it might…


Winter Getaway: Red Lodge, Montana

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Lynn Donaldson       By Mervin Coleman      

MY ROMANCE WITH RED LODGE, MONTANA, started on a date with a guy who is now my husband. He lived there for only a year almost two decades ago, and during that time our courtship included hikes along Rock Creek, motorcycle cruises up the Beartooth Pass to “The Top of the World,” bomber ski runs at Red Lodge Mountain and one…


Over the Edge

By Mark Wilcox       Photography By Denver Bryan      

ZANDER DROPS HUNDREDS OF FEET FROM THE SKY with unreal speed. I catch my breath and chills shoot up my spine. Zander is a gyrfalcon-peregrine mix, and when tucked up tight in downward flight his kind can beat speeds more commonly associated with a Ferrari. His trainer, Steve Chindgren, has clocked him at above 200 mph. Zander is reacting just…


Ski, Sip, Soak

Written By Melynda Harrison       By Henry Harrison and Melynda Harrison      

WINTER DOESN'T MEAN THAT ROAD TRIP SEASON IS OVER; it just means you have to take a little extra time on the road. And isn’t that the point? Last February, I ventured into Western Montana to cross-country ski and soak in hot springs with my husband, Henry, and our two boys, Anders, 8, and Finn, 6. Along the way we checked…