Winter 2012 Feature Articles

2012 Big Sky Journal List

Written By Big Sky Journal Staff      

1. SNOWMOBILE THROUGH YELLOWSTONE COUNTRY West Yellowstone — Snowmobile Capital of the World — offers miles of groomed trails starting right from town. To see the wonders of Yellowstone National Park in winter, bundle up and jump aboard. Snowmobiles are built to be quieter, with cleaner-burning, four-stroke engines to take you to remote places at a faster pace. Park roads…


Montana Ski Company: A Passion for Powder

Written By Brian Schott       Photography By Craig Moore      

THESE DAYS, WHEN FORMER NFL QUARTERBACK Drew Bledsoe speeds down an open field, you'll find his #11 in a peculiar place — on the custom top sheet of his skis — the 188-cm "soldier" model with a wood-grained top sheet made by Whitefish-based Montana Ski Company. A small team of dedicated lovers of sliding on snow have been creating these custom, hand-crafted skis…


At Home on the Ranch

Written By Alan Kesselheim       Photography By Thomas Lee      

KATY AND RICH HARJES CAN PINPOINT the precise moment where they took the fork in life’s path that led to their present situation. In 2005 they bought 170 acres of rolling pasture roughly 10 miles north of Bozeman, along the foothills of the Bridger Mountains. In 2008 they sold their home in Chicago and moved into a trailer while they renovated…


Washers: A Shooting Tutorial

Written By Chris Dombrowski       Photography By Dusan Smetana      

THOUGH IT'S EARLY NOVEMBER, I had the season's first hunting dream last night — a nightmare, really — in which I couldn't hit innumerable flushed pheasants though they hung on kite strings, reined in by a buddy, barely moving targets. I awoke disquieted and reminded of last season’s ample misses, quite certain that the only saving grace of a failed wing-shot is…