Winter 2009 Feature Articles

Winter Carnival

Written By Linda Hagen Miller       Photography By Ilona McCarty      

SANDPOINT, IDAHO, MAY NOT BE ON YOUR WINTER BUCKET LIST, but it should be. “It’s Winter Carnival, party with your gnome boy,” says the poster in Zany Zebra’s window. The Sandpoint boutique, like Idaho itself, is filled with nothing I need and everything I want. Red cowboy boots and a whiskey flask etched with a downhill skier, for instance. I…


Extreme Local

Written By Ray Sikorski       Photography By Anne Sherwood      

ON A SUNNY SPRING DAY IN 2008, I AWKWARDLY SLOGGED up a steep, snow-covered slope just outside of Bridger Bowl's south boundary. This was Slushman’s, as it was then known — 1,700 feet of mostly untracked powder, all saved up for those with juice enough and time enough to skin from bottom to top. I had time, but hardly enough juice.…


Photo Essay: Night Riders

Photography By Ryan Turner      

THERE ARE TIMES WHEN A DAY of skiing isn’t enough. Days when the snow is so incredible that waiting for tomorrow isn’t an option. That was the case last year, when, after an amazing powder day skiing Lone Peak in Big Sky, Mont., a few trusted buddies and I extended our time outside. Die-hard outdoor enthusiasts and experienced backcountry skiers, we…


Hunting Among Indians

Written By H. William Rice       Photography By Mark Lisk      

ON A FRIGID MORNING WHEN I WAS around ten, my father took me squirrel hunting for the first time. We saw nothing. So to keep the morning from being a total waste, my father taught me to shoot his old scratched-up, single-shot 16 gauge. There was an old chimney standing on the edge of the hollow where we hunted. The house…