Summer 2012 Feature Articles

A Stick and a String

Written By Julie Lue      

SOMETIME DURING MY FIRST FULL SEASON of fly fishing, I made an important discovery about my husband. He could live with a wife who didn’t fish, but he couldn’t live with a wife who fished poorly. It started out well enough, with Tony showing me the same consideration he showed novice friends when he took them fishing. He tactfully ignored lousy…


Adventure on the Silent Prairie

Written By Scott McMillion      

SOONER OR LATER, THE SAME THING HITS EVERY PRAIRIE TRAVELER. After you’ve absorbed the distance and the sky, maybe mud or dust or both, the silence takes you in its arms. It’s not the lull of a library, or even the quiet of a tomb. It’s certainly not that pregnant hush during a clutch moment in a ball game, when everybody…


Barns of Montana

Written By Chere Jiusto       Photography By Tom Ferris      

THE BARNS OF MONTANA ARE TEEMING WITH STORIES, reflecting the ways in which, across our history, people forged a partnership with the land. Barns tell of past decades when horses pulled plows that turned the soil, oxen and mule teams hauled freight, and mutton was on the dinner table of most Americans on a regular basis. They also speak to generations…


The New West

IT'S EARLY JUNE WHEN I HIKE UP INTO THE FOREST that envelops the Pine Butte Guest Ranch, and spring is reluctantly giving way to summer. One moment, it rains, cold and hard. Then sun comes out and warms our fleece-covered bodies as it illumines the petals of the wildflowers making a vivid carpet at our feet. I am walking behind David…


Montana Morels: A Seasonal Delicacy

Photography By Lynn Donaldson      

FORAGING FOR MORELS IS A MONTANA RITE of spring. My 5-year-old says it’s even better than an Easter egg hunt. I have to admit, morels sautéed in butter and garlic taste infinitely better than hard-boiled eggs. Over Memorial Day weekend, my family foraged among cottonwoods at a top-secret spot on the Yellowstone River and was rewarded with a giant bagful of…


Where the Yellowstone Goes

Written By Sarah Hall       Photography By Robert Hawkins      

WHEN WE SET OUT TO FLOAT THE LENGTH OF THE YELLOWSTONE RIVER from Gardiner, Montana, to Buford, North Dakota, we expected endless beauty, incredible fishing, and fascinating people. We thought we’d learn a little history, maybe even how to properly cast a fly rod. We found all that and more. All along the Yellowstone we uncovered stories that captured the essence…