Summer 2011 Feature Articles

Music in the Mountains

Written By Seabring Davis      

THE DOGS ARE AT THE KENNEL. The back door is locked. The Subaru is packed to the ceiling, mountain bikes included. The kids are buckled up in the back seat. I pull away from my house in Livingston, Mont., and we are on the road headed to Alta, Wyo., for the Targhee Music Festival. Sounds fun, but to be truthful, in…


Good Country

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Dale Spartas      

When the sun comes up on the rolling hills near Circle, Montana, the shadows are long and dew hangs on the prairie grass. The morning is cool and windless. Camp comes to life as hushed voices greet each other while saddling horses and warming up the dogs for the day’s running at the Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship (MTSDCHAMP). Each…


Riding the Divide

Photography By Gus Wolfe      

THE YEARS, AS JOHN PRINE SANG IT, “just flow by, like a broken-down dam.” Your children are 4, catching hoppers on the bank while you cast for cutthroats, then they are 7, and fishing beside you, or 9, and following you on skis down a long snowslope in the hot April sun. You put the big trips off until the children…


Equestrians Unite

Written By Matt Halloway      

EACH SUMMER MONTANANS TRADE COWBOY HATS FOR RIDING HELMETS to compete at Rebecca Farm’s world-class equestrian competition. Etched out of the rolling wheat and barley foothills of the Salish Mountains west of Kalispell is Rebecca Farm — a 640-acre equestrian complex that became a veritable city in the Flathead Valley last July. Or at least a good-sized Montana town. The 8th…


On the Road

Written By Alan Kesselheim      

FOR THE THIRD TIME IN FIVE MILES, the three of us pull to the shoulder of the highway and tip my bike upside down, resting it on the seat and handlebars. For the third time we yank the back tire, lever it off of the rim, and fix the damn flat. It may be June, but the day is going…


Beautiful Curves

Written By Susan Ewing       Photography By Will Brewster      

THE SUN IS JUST UP BEHIND THE BRIDGER MOUNTAINS, and cold engines rev and settle into a rumbling chorus. Packed into the hotel parking lot are Ferraris, Porsches, Jaguars, Corvettes and Mercedes-Benzes of varied vintage and horsepower. If you knew what you were looking for, you’d also see a 1966 AC Cobra, 1954 Bentley Special, 1965 Sunbeam Tiger, 1963 Studebaker…