Summer 2010 Feature Articles

Healing Peaks

Written By Alan Kesselheim      

THE FIRST TIME Marypat and I looked across the craggy alpine expanse from Adams Pass, above 10,000 feet in Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains, we were very pregnant with our first child. We were on a day hike. We were young and full of plans. The high peaks and windy plateaus beckoned. We vowed to come back, to roam the austere,…


Big Sky Branding

Written By Brian Schott      

WE ARE CHUGGING ALONG THE GREEN MIDDLE FORK OF THE FLATHEAD RIVER, rumbling past chiseled rock toward the Continental Divide, eastbound on Amtrak's Empire Building from Whitefish, Mont., to Williston, N.D., an 11-hour journey to ranch country. Old rusted cars, ramshackle trailers, farms, farms and more farms, cattle and calves pass before our eyes. We count grain silos, hay bales,…


The Flight of the Hummingbird

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Tim Fitzharris      

IMPOSSIBLE PLUCK brings the wingbeat hum of feathers so fine on a northern flight over a thousand miles, transcontinental and instinctive. The tiniest of birds, hearts racing determined to find home sipping nectar, dipping insects Broad Tailed, Ruby Throated, Black Chinned, Rufous. Dusted with the magic of delicate resilience keen and light as a pixie so easily lured by color blaze…


Finding River Rhythm

Written By Rick Bass      

THE ROLL ISN'T EVERYTHING, but you can’t quit thinking about it. Kayaking is about the strokes — about paddling from one point to another, whether on a lake or sea or river, and doing so efficiently, with as little resistance as possible — but there’s that cool trick they do, rolling back over right-side up after flipping upside down, and…