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Coming Home

Written By Alexis Marie Adams       Photography By Roger Wade      

MIKE AND TAMMY GORUM PLACE the responsibility for their love of Red Lodge, Montana — and the elegant home they built here — squarely on the shoulders of their son. “When he was in middle school, he came here on vacation with a friend and his family and, once he started visiting, he never stopped,” says Mike. “Each year, he’d travel…


Blending the Elements

Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By Karl Neumann      

WITH CAREERS IN REAL ESTATE and the building industry, the owners of this Bozeman, Montana, residence knew what they wanted when planning to build a home overlooking the Bridger Mountains. Over the years, they poured foundations, designed, remodeled, bought and sold multiple homes in the region and each project contributed to their vision of how their new home should look and…


A Fine Balance

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Roger Wade      

BUILDING A HOUSE IN THE HEART of Wyoming’s most dramatic landscape isn’t an easy feat. There’s a balance to it that requires a team of people to walk an invisible tightrope that spans the yaw of honoring the dynamic environs without marring its beauty. One family home, in northwestern Wyoming, represents that balance. “With such spectacular views in such a unique…


A Fresh Take on Traditional

Written By Chase Reynolds Ewald       Photography By Audrey Hall      

THOSE WHO ARE DRAWN TO THE MOUNTAIN WEST today usually want a home that speaks to the great outdoors and references regional vernacular. But they also want clean lines, modern amenities and, most important of all, plenty of light. In short, they want a fresh take on traditional. This can be difficult to achieve, yet accomplished architects combined with thoughtful clients…


Organic Living

Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By Karl Neumann      

WHEN DETERMINING WHERE TO BUILD a 6,600-square-foot home in Big Sky, Montana, architect Reid Smith and builder John Seelye brought a ten-foot-tall ladder with them. It didn’t matter that it needed to be grounded in the snow. Or that they were snowshoeing through the woods, dragging this cumbersome thing behind them. They set up the ladder and peered through pockets between the…


Elegance Reclaimed

Written By Christine Phillips       Photography By Heidi Long      

WHEN RICK AND SUE WILLIAMS decided to build a vacation home on Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana, they envisioned one that was modern and comfortable, yet equally at home in its wild, natural surroundings.  “We wanted it to look as though we updated a structure that had been here generations,” says Rick.  Long before the lot was ever available for purchase,…


From Fable to Fruition

Written By Seonaid B. Campbell       Photography By Karl Neumann      

THE BIG SKY, MONTANA, VACATION HOME of Candy and Donn Fuller began as a fabled sketch by Donn, progressed with a call to builder Cooper Wade, of Wade and Associates Builders Inc., then came into form under direction of architect Dave Seabury, of Seabury Design Associates P.C. in Bozeman. The result: a 7,300-square-foot log and stone lodge where the Fullers…


Refined Rustic

Written By Dina Mishev       Photography By Audrey Hall       Photography By Edward Riddell      

YOU'RE NOT SURE WHAT TO EXPECT pulling up to a home on a bluff above Wilson, Wyoming. From the road, there’s no sign of anything, other than seemingly impenetrable forest. As you wind in on the private driveway twisting through a mass of pines, a tower of stacked, moss-covered fieldstones eventually comes into view. And then you see additional buildings, clad…


Blurring the Lines

Written By Christine Phillips       Photography By Gibeon Photography      

IN WHITEFISH, MONTANA, NO ONE TAKES the summers for granted. While the days are long, the season is short. Be it boating on the lake, hiking, biking or simply relaxing and enjoying view, tourists and locals like to “take it outside” and make the most of this beautiful, recreational paradise.    In a secluded area on Whitefish Lake, the owners of…


Perfect Harmony

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Karl Neumann      

WHEN IT COMES TO ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, Jonathan Foote is fond of saying, “Walk softly on the land.” It’s a philosophy he integrated into a gem of a house in Montana’s Shields Valley, where the setting took priority over size. At just 2,400 square feet, plus a garage and guesthouse, the retreat is small compared to so many other dwellings in…