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Delight is in the Details

Written By Melissa Mylchreest       Photography By Peter Gibeon      

IN MONTANA'S BITTERROOT VALLEY, a narrow road winds east toward the foothills of the Sapphire Mountains. Century-old cottonwood trees stand like sentinels among the wide-open fields, and in many ways, the landscape hasn’t changed much under their watch: Cattle still graze, small creeks meander through the valley bottom, elk and deer come down from the hills and the houses are…


An Uncommon Cabin in the Woods

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Chris Little      

OVER THE LAST 15 YEARS, one couple’s adventures to their rural property in the Moose Creek drainage near Big Sky, Montana, grew into a tradition. They started with daytrips, their children in tow. Picnics and hikes to see the fantastic unfurling of spring flowers in the meadow, the early morning crossing of elk on the creek or the nesting pair…


Rethink Rustic

Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By Gordon Gregory       Photography By Janice Barta      

IN A PASTORAL SETTING WHERE THE Gallatin River Valley rises to meet the rolling prairie near Three Forks, Montana, a modern home sits at a low profile to the road. Inspired by classic wooden barns and sod homes created by early frontiersmen, the L-C Ranch functions with a similar clarity of purpose. Expertly sited, the home is in harmony with its…


Art of the West

Written By Stella Fong       Photography By Roger Wade      

THE TRIPLE B RANCH WRANGLES the diverse spirit of the Wild West. On 25 acres of open grassland just south of Red Lodge, Montana, under the Towne Point is the 5,200-square-foot hideout for the Triple B — named for Bart, Betsy and their boys and families. Initially sketched on a napkin, the Butzers knew, “The key was to find talented local…


Homage to Craftsmanship

Written By Corinne Garcia       Photography By Karl Neumann      

WHEN IT COMES TO BUILDING A HOME, Patrick and Mary Whalen are passionate about doing things the old fashioned way. Instead of cutting corners with the latest tools and techniques, they prefer the centuries’ old custom craftsmanship and wood that’s notched together or scribed by hand.  So when it came time to build their home in Big Sky’s Yellowstone Club,…


Water, Trees, and Sky

Written By Carter G. Walker       Photography By Roger Wade      

REID SMITH JOKES, THAT YOUNG ARCHITECTS often get their “big break” when they design a home for their parents. In the case of this small, simple and utterly breathtaking cabin on Swan Lake in northern Montana, Smith’s break was more a break-away.  Smith, principal of Reid Smith Architects since 2003, was already well-known for his expansive, mountain-top gems across the state,…


Lasting Legacy

Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By Heidi Long      

THERE ARE PLACES ONE MAY VISIT DURING A LIFETIME, where the beauty of the landscape requests a moment of quiet appreciation. Paradise Valley, in southwest Montana, is one such place. Its name aptly describes the setting. Paradise is a verdant valley where the Yellowstone River, flanked by cottonwood trees and willows, draws wildlife to its refuge. Scattered ranches, farms and…


A Modern Vision

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Roger Wade      

THE LAND, THE SITE, THE PLACE. These are the variables that drive the designs of architects Tom Ward and Mitch Blake. As they wrote in their recently published monograph, In the Shadows of the Tetons, over the last 17 years the Jackson, Wyoming-based Ward + Blake Architects have always been influenced by terroir — a term frequently used to describe the…


On the Edge

Written By Christine Phillips       Photography By Peter Gibeon      

IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT MOUNTAIN CHALET, a Seattle couple turned to the combined talents of Stillwater Architects, Bear Mountain Builders and Hunter & Company Interior Design to build their vacation home in Whitefish, Montana. The result? A progressive, modern slopeside home that is both contemporary and nostalgic, family-friendly and a far cry from cold.  Tucked away on the fringes…


Art In Architecture

Written By Dina Mishev      

THE ENTRANCE TO THE HOME'S driveway is past the house, not that you notice you’ve passed a house, it’s so well blended into the landscape. Finally turning into the driveway off the steep main road, it meanders slowly north through a well-manicured aspen and pine forest. This is not a contrived trip, designed to create false drama, but a very purposeful…


Inspired Renovation

Written By Michele Corriel       Photography By Woolley Bugger Studios      

JUST A QUICK WALK FROM THE RUBY RIVER, the newly renovated home of Jan and Frank Higgins is surrounded by seven majestic mountain ranges and frequented by an array of wildlife.  They began coming to the area in 1990, and just couldn’t imagine not returning with their family year after year. When they bought the Lazy H Ranch in 1998, it…