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Star Dancer

Written By T. Hamish Tear       Photography By Karl Neumann      

IT WAS WRITTEN IN THE STARS. After four years of looking, one of Jackson Hole’s most majestic and best kept real-estate secrets became known to a couple from Fairfield County, Connecticut. At the end of the road near the highest point on a steep, north-facing aspen-treed butte, this key 4.7-acre property had been reserved for the development of a residents’…


Mountain Tradition

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Gordon Gregory      

WHEN ARCHITECT CANDACE MILLER SET OUT to draw the plans for a vacation home in Big Sky, Montana, there was one restraint.  “[We] did not want a cowboy house,” recalled the owner. There would be no saddle-topped bar stools, spurs as bookends or longhorn steer mounts in this house, the owners assured Miller. Hence, for the structure, Miller recognized the…


Lakeside Living

Written By Matt Halloway       Photography By Heidi Long      

OUTSIDE THE REALM OF MUSIC, it’s not often that creating art is a truly collaborative experience. But, for Orlan Sorensen of Landmark Builders in Whitefish, Sue White of White Design in Corona del Mar, California, and the homeowner, designing this dream home on the shores of Flathead Lake was a fruitful group endeavor from day one. “The best part of…


Think Small, Live Large

Photography By Alex Tenenbaum       Photography By Karl Neumann      

THE ROBBN'S CABIN IS quintessentially Big Sky: The master bedroom with its grand windows framing Lone Peak. The expansive deck with its views to the east, where the earth falls away and rises with the Gallatins. The exterior with its hewn logs and reclaimed barnwood siding. The vaulted great room with its cavernous fireplace. Like a lot of homes in…


Modern Vision

Written By Melissa Mylchreest       Photography By Peter Gibeon      

IN MISSOULA'S RATTLESNAKE VALLEY, tucked away on a quiet residential street, is a gem of modern architecture. Replete with metal and granite, right angles and bold colors, it’s a home that doesn’t pull its punches; unlike many structures that merely borrow ideas from contemporary design, this home remained true to that Modern vision from beginning to end. “When we met…


Sophisticated Balance

Written By Matt Halloway      

NESTLED IN THE GENTLE, larch-laden hills south of Whitefish is the Crooked Tree Ranch — a secluded, 20-acre property that harbors a uniquely European-influenced home and boasts stunning views of the Swan Mountains across the Flathead Valley. Unlike many houses that feature a single European element integrated into a traditional Western design, however, the collaboration of Bear Mountain Builders of Whitefish and…


Inspired By Nature

Written By Dina Mishev      

I KNOW THIS HOUSE is in Teton Village, on the slopes of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, but driving up the road leading to it, it feels more like I’m headed for Grand Teton National Park, which is adjacent to the ski area to the north. The crowds, noises, and buildings of Teton Village are way behind — and below. Just…


Picture Perfect

Written By Corinne Garcia       Photography By Roger Wade      

MOST CUSTOM MOUNTAIN HOMES in Montana are centered on the view. And the Moonlight Basin home of this Minnesota-based family is no different, except that instead of focusing solely on the exterior views — the craggy ridgeline of the Spanish Peaks — the views inside the house are also spectacular.     Exterior views were important to the family, architect Reid Smith…


Building a Timeless Legacy

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Gordon Gregory      

WHEN ARCHITECT LARRY PEARSON designs a house, he tells a story. Noted as one of the leading figures in rustic architecture, he connects his designs to history, environment and the human element. One such house at Montana’s Yellowstone Club in Big Sky encapsulates the tale of past and present with resolute inspiration. Influenced by the owner’s love of Adirondack style and…