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Historic Symmetry

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Audrey Hall      

AS A GIRL, ILEANA INDRELAND REMEMBERS SUNDAY DRIVES THROUGH THE HISTORIC NEIGHBORHOODS OF BOZEMAN, MONTANA. Compared to her family’s working ranch in nearby Cokedale, the trimmed lawns, three-story houses and the elegant architecture of town seemed ornate. One house in particular — a graceful brick home with fluted columns and three gables on the top floor — captured her imagination.…


Mountain Modern

Written By Sarah Belk King       Photography By Audrey Hall      

ARCHITECT LARRY PEARSON IS BEST KNOWN for his rustic, slope-side mountain homes composed of rough-hewn timbers, locally quarried stone and original artisanal woodwork. The fact that Pearson’s own home is decidedly not rustic may seem odd at first, but when one learns more about the man behind the blueprint that his home is sleek and spare comes as no surprise.…


Creating a Dream

Written By Dina Mishev       Written By Roger Naylor      

AFTER YEARS OF SEARCHING for the perfect live-water property, one couple found it … but had to make some big changes. It was seven-and-a-half-acres on the Snake River in Jackson Hole. The house on it was upwards of 10,000 square feet. There was also a three-hole Arnold Palmer-designed golf course. The northern neighbor was a long-time family-owned ranch there was…


Integrating Nature

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Heidi Long      

TOWERING WITH THE SAME GRACE AS THE CEDAR AND FIR TREES that surround it, the house dubbed "intricate" is a gem in the jewel box of Edgewood Log Structure's rosters of homes.  The graceful residence curves around a cove along the Spokane River in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Incorporating log and timber into the contemporary home, Brian Schafer, president and lead…


Rustic Perspectives

Written By Alethea Shaus       Photography By Heidi Long      

FOR ONE FAMILY, a very personal meaning of the place Montana has been carried throughout the years. They have dreamt of making a home here. Recently that dreaming has found a place to settle. Nestled between the Mission and Swan mountain ranges, near Condon, Triple C Ranch feels much older than it is. Tucked in along the meandering shore of…


Past Meets Present

Written By Melissa Mylchreest       Photography By Mark Bryant      

DOWN A DIRT ROAD in the southern Bitterroot Valley, Ponderosas stand tall, horses graze and wild turkeys wander among them. Here, beneath the Como Peaks, hides an architectural study in contrast and balance: modern lines paired with design elements invoking Montana’s rustic traditions. Country retreat melds with spa-inspired luxury, the result at once sophisticated and unpretentious. The space embraces visitors…


The Peak of Design

Written By Michele Corriel       Photography By Shelly Saunders      

ALHTOUGH IT'S LATE IN THE SEASON, wildflowers rise from a lush carpet of high mountain grass, poking tips of tangy red Indian paintbrush, buttery dabs of yarrow, subtly salted with periwinkle lupines. Windows offer slices of views, terraced decks and landscaping aligns with the natural topography to make the most of this Tuscan-inspired ranch style home. Cradled softly between the…


Authentically Western

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Gordon Gregory      

GHOSTS INSPIRE ARCHITECT CANDACE TILOTTSON-MILLER’S DESIGNS. You’ve seen them, too. The sagging barns, greywood sheds and old cabins standing lonesome on the landscape. We all romanticize about those buildings, wondering what drew the people who built them to this place a century ago? Where are those homestead families? The farmers. The ranchers. What became of their hope for success on the…


Timeless Fusion

Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Karl Neumann      

LIKE AN ICONIC EUROPEAN CHATEAU ON A BUCOLIC HILLSIDE, Sandra and Richard Jacobson’s home in Montana’s Yellowstone Club stands sentinel over the mountains that surround Big Sky. “We wanted a lodge style home with Asian undertones and a timeless feel,” said Sandra. The Jacobson’s met with, Jerry Locati, founding principal of Locati Architects of Bozeman, in their original home in…


Contemporary Comfort

Written By Corinne Garcia       Photography By Karl Neumann      

RING THE DOORBELL of Jason and Shelly Martel’s newly rebuilt home, bordering Valley View Golf Course on Bozeman’s south side, and the jingle that follows opens a floodgate of family memories. Aside from a few walls and a towering rock fireplace, it’s about all that’s left of the original structure. But the house that’s taken its place has a way…