Fly Fishing 2015 Feature Articles

Fly Fishing the Outlaw Trail

Written By Jeff Erickson      

MY OLDEST FRIEND, BRUCE, and I gape into the labyrinthine limestone abyss carved by Wyoming’s isolated Middle Fork of the Powder River as it murmurs through rock gardens nearly 1,000 vertical feet below. Scanning the gorge in the ragged southern Big Horn Mountains — raptors riding thermals at eye level — we try to pick out Outlaw Cave, where Butch Cassidy…


A Simple Revolution

Written By Jessica McGlothlin       Photography By Jessica McGlothlin      

I FIRST MET YVON CHOUINARD on a brisk pre-dawn Idaho morning. Up before the sun to capture photographs, I entered the little camp house kitchen to see a fit, weathered man digging through the cabinets for a pan to boil water and make tea. It took a full two or three minutes before I realized the man I was idly talking…


Fish Tales

Illustrated By Bob White      

Book Tour Fishing   Written by Pete Fromm SET TO LEAVE, I STARED at the rod cabinet one more time, my book bag in one hand, a small cooler in the other. My fishing vest and fly rod, already cased, stood right there, two steps away. First reading tonight, Sun Valley. A drive up the Bitterroot from Missoula, over the pass, down…


Quixotic Quest

Written By Big Sky Journal Staff      

SEEK. FIND. FISH. Bring them in. Let them go. A flash of muscle and color and girth slips from your hands. Just like that. Fly fishing is a quixotic pursuit that is inevitably peppered with ebb and surge, high and low moments that require patience and good company. So often that grip and grin shot is the only proof of…


River Right

Written By Brian Hurlbut       Photography By Craig W. Hergert      

LIKE MANY ADVENTURES, THIS ONE started over a few beers at an unnamed southwestern Montana watering hole. Sitting at the bar, I was trying to convince a friend to join me on a float of the entire Jefferson River, the somewhat lesser known of the famous Three Forks of the Missouri. It had everything we required, I told him as the…


Terrestrials Adrift

Written By Chadd VanZanten      

IN RIVERS, THE WATER YOU TOUCH is the last of what has passed and the first of that which is to come; so with present time. — Leonardo da Vinci We decide on the Canyon Section of the Snake, just above Palisades Reservoir, because it’s twenty-five miles long and it will take all day to fish and then some. That’s what…