Fly Fishing 2013 Feature Articles

Fish Town: Craig, Montana

Written By Michael J. Ober       Photography By Lynn Donaldson      

IT'S SAFE TO SAY there are likely more drift boats in Craig, Montana, than people. The community is the quintessential fishing village tucked in hard against the broad Missouri River. There’s a campground, a couple fly fishing shops, two watering holes, a restaurant, camper trailer crash pads, a few summer cabins, some rooms to rent. That’s it. There is no…


Bitterroot Reward

Written By Julie Lue       Photography By Drew Stoecklein      

AFTER TWO YEARS OF FISHING the lower Bitterroot, I no longer expected to catch one of the big, beautiful rainbows for which the river was famous. I was ready to settle for small and ugly. I hoped desperately for reckless and ignorant. But as I stared hard at the river that day, I knew that even if a homely little fish…


Chasing Redbands and Outlaws

Written By Jeff Erickson       Illustrated By Daphne Gillam      

THE SKY MORPHED FROM BLACK TO PRE-DAWN INDIGO, framing traces of southwest Idaho’s Owyhee Mountains. I turned in my sleeping bag on the sandy bank of tiny Jordan Creek. Even that slight movement sparked pulses in the icy stream created by nervous redband trout. I rolled over again, trying to dislodge a hard layer of frost from my sleeping bag, dreamily…


Tenkara U.S.A.

Written By Chad Hanson      

MY FRIEND DAN THROWS PARTIES in the summertime. They are the big events of the season. People mill around the backyard drinking beer, laughing, and asking questions about politics and gardening. Last August, on a run from the yard to the kitchen, Dan bumped my arm by accident. His eyes lit up, he said, “Hanson,” and then he vanished into…


Polished Stone

Written By Gordon Sullivan       Photography By Cathie Sullivan      

IF YOU LISTEN CLOSE ENOUGH, my uncle once told me, you can hear the rocks in the river bump one another during high flow. But you have to listen carefully. He was a tweed and flannel fly fisher, a dry fly man, content with only the light feel of bamboo and well weathered cork sealed by days of summer sweat. That…