Fly Fishing 2012 Feature Articles

Perfect Drift

Written By Andy Fitzhugh       Photography By Matthew Hayes      

I WATCH JESSE FROM UPSTREAM A BIT as he casts to a bank feeder, the Missouri’s biomass swirling around my legs and backing up against my hips as I lean against the river’s constant push. I am rocking back and forth, butt to the current, trying to find the angle where I can balance against the force of the flow.…


Planet Fish

Written, Photography By James Klug      

PICK A POINT ON A MAP and you’ll find there are fish to catch on the fly. Whether it is a brilliantly colored and toothy Golden Dorado in the dense jungle of South America or the shy, delicate trout of the Northern Rockies, the challenge awaits. Interestingly, no matter where in the world I travel, nor how distant the waters I…


Casting for Conservation in Jackson Hole

Written By Dina Mishev      

PICK A FLY — one fly — and fish with it all weekend. No swapping out; no second chances if that fly is lost. It’s a fairly crazy idea, especially applied to a breed that prides itself on the size of its tackle box. Even crazier? Over its 26 years — September 6-9, 2012, is the 27th One Fly — the…


A Sign of Spring

Photography By Steven Akre      

FOR SOME MONTANAS, the first sign of spring might be a bluebird, or a buttercup peeking through the snow, or an emerging bear. For me, here in the Bitterroot Valley, it’s a profusion of fishermen pursuing trout that are feeding on Skwala Americana. These moderately large stoneflies are the first hatch of spring that brings larger fish to the surface of…


Fire and Ice in the Rockies

Written By Jeff Erickson      

Holed up in the bar at Yellowstone’s Mammoth Hot Springs, I was trying to finish some work on my laptop so I could finally devote full attention to a fall fly fishing trip. On the grass surrounding the historic hotel, massive bull elk warily guarded their harems like kings. The evening air was filled with their haunting bugles. Tourist hordes…