Fly Fishing 2011 Feature Articles

The Eagle’s Way

Photography By Gus Wolfe      

MY FISHING LIFE WAS SPAWNED SOME 60 years ago in the waters of the Little Wolf Creek drainage near the mouth of Gladstone Gulch outside Augusta, Montana. Its crystal clear waters ran near my family’s doorstep on the way to join Prickly Pear Creek and eventually hooking up with the Missouri River. Hundreds of fishing outings have filled my life…


Lesson 13: Diving Cadis

By Scott Sadil       By Elizabeth Belts Kaufmann      

I SPENT A LONG WEEKEND ON THE WATER RECENTLY with Fred Trujillo, one of those professional tyers who is always fussing with patterns, trying to master fish by giving them the Right Fly. Unlike me, Fred’s a no-nonsense fisherman; if fish aren’t showing on the surface, he goes right down after them, never hesitating to load lead to his line. Not…


Silver Creek Days

Written By Ernest Beyl       Photography By Matthew Hayes      

MANY YEARS AGO when I worked as publicist for Sun Valley I thought I was a hot skier and fly fisherman. On my first trip down Sun Valley’s Baldy Mountain I wind-milled and dislocated my shoulder. The ski patrol took me the rest of the way down the mountain in a litter and a doctor at the Sun Valley hospital…


Under the Sheltering Pine

Written By Jeff Erickson       Illustrated By Daphne Gillam      

CAMPED ON FISH CREEK UNDER A FULL SEPTEMBER MOON, I admired Montana’s largest ponderosa pine soaring majestically over the glittering stream. It was one of those rare moments when everything in the world seems perfectly aligned and full of promise — and I hadn’t even strung up my trusty Sage 5-weight. The tree that sparked my reverie was more than…


Put Your Skirt On

Written By Julie Lue      

I CAUGHT MY FIRST FISH ON A FLY while wearing a skirt and carrying a handbag. But that was irrelevant to the little rainbow. He gobbled the fly on my second cast, surprising both of us, and wiggled to shore at the end of the line. As I let him go, I was struck by two things: first, there was a…