Fly Fishing 2010 Feature Articles

The Headwaters to Wyoming’s Wild Cutthroat Paradise

Written By Jeff Erickson      

Exploring the backroads of the Tri-Basin Divide ATOP THE 8,680-FOOT HIGH Tri-Basin Divide, life was good. Depending on the prevailing winds, rain from puffy cumulous clouds above could drop into any one of the three watersheds below us, each sheltering its own variety of cutthroat trout. The Tri-Basin vicinity is a unique piece of the West’s bio-geography: It’s arguably the best…


Protected Waters

Photography By Todd Kaplan      

THE IDEA OF CONSERVING WILD PLACES is simple: to preserve natural resources and to protect valuable land, water, habitats from change, loss or damage. Yet the reasons behind conservation are often complicated. Matters of politics that run the gamut of public versus private property issues; wildlife versus agricultural animal habit; and environmental protection versus recreational access come into play when…


Warriors and Quiet Waters

Written By Michele Corriel      

THE SOUND OF the Yellowstone River — loud at first — gurgles and thumps against our drift boat, clunking along the rocky bottom as four of us take turns stepping around gear and finding our places. A soft morning light washes everyone in a buttery warmth as Marine Staff Sergeant Josh Caskey takes the bow, leaning against a fishing brace…


I Like to Watch

Written By Greg Keeler      

SOMETIME I USED TO FEEL MORE of an inclination toward watching people fish than I did toward fishing. I don’t mean Saturday morning TV-angling where bassboat bubbas lurch and wheeze around their Skeeters in logo-spattered jumpsuits. I mean live people on real water — and preferably women, old women, say, my grandmother. Though she was large and of peasant lineage,…