Fall 2015 Feature Articles

An Ode To Limestone

Written By Jeff Erickson      

SOARING CLIFFS, CLOUDS AND CAVES spin kaleidoscopically above us. My wife Mary happily works the oars, while I kick back in front with a Big Sky IPA. The trout could wait for my reverie and memories to subside. Mary back-rows adeptly from a bluff, rounds a meander, then pulls off at a perfect campsite we know well from an earlier…


Trying to Balance Wolves

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE what brought down the 1,800-pound bison bull. The strapping behemoth was dead, its mortal end likely caused by canid fangs applied to jugular vein. When Doug Smith arrived on the scene during an August day in Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley, a scrum for dibs was already ensuing between two of the national park’s most formidable and…


Raise a Glass

Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By Janie Osborne      

THE OLD WILD WEST EVOKES exaggerated images of romance and violence, as thousands of pioneers traveled westward in search of opportunity or to escape the law. At the epicenter of most of these stories is the local saloon, a landmark of lore from one wind-swept town to the next. Entering between swinging cafe doors, weary frontiersmen sought haven from hard…


The Show Starts Now

Written By Brook Merrow       Photography By Erik Petersen      

NEARLY THREE YEARS AGO in the semi-darkness of an August morning, Nikki Kimball of Bozeman, Montana, vanished into a leafy forest at the northern terminus of the Long Trail in Vermont and headed south. The world-class ultra athlete reappeared hours later, still running, and then disappeared again. She did this for several days until she got to the end of…