Arts 2011 Feature Articles

Local Knowledge: The Spirit of Montana

Written By Melynda Harrison       Photography By Janie Osborne      

We'll raise up our glasses against evil forces, singing, "Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses!"  — Toby Keith, songwriter AT THE MENTION OF THE FARM TO TABLE MOVEMENT, you might think of buying beets at the farmer’s market, buying Flathead cherries from a roadside stand or dining on Montana-raised lamb at your favorite restaurant. But broaden your horizons a…


Rethinking Indian Art

Written By Melissa Mylchreest      

OFTEN, THE PHRASE "AMERICAN INDIAN ART" EVOKES visions of  traditional beadwork, the intricate patterning of powwow regalia, geometric designs on ceramics of the Southwest, or the distinctive figures of old ledger art.  We imagine teepees and horses, feathers and cradleboards. And yet, if American Indian art is only about the traditional, historical aesthetic, where does that leave George Longfish’s distinctly…


Painting Yellowstone to Yukon: Dwayne Harty

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

DWAYNE HARTY WAS CAMPED IN THE BOONDOCKS OF THE MUSKWA-KECHIKA, a two-week, horse-pack trip away from the outside world. Weather had been foul for days, the knife-edged mountains of northern British Columbia engulfed by clouds delivering a relentless deluge of summer snow and rain. With all passes rendered too treacherous to navigate, he was stuck. Huddling beneath a tarp, Harty continued…


Open Space

Written By Nancy Kessler       Photography By Lynn Donaldson      

A GOLDEN GLOW SUFFUSES THE FIELDS AND CLOUDS piled like whipped cream that slip across brilliant azure skies. Breezes ripple water as it wanders down the Yellowstone River. It is late summer in Montana, a season with light so bright and details so sharp, it seems time has stopped and the world has painted itself onto canvas. Artists inspired by…


Bozeman Sculpture Park: Creating a Conversation

Written By Corinne Garcia      

AS ARTIST PATRICK ZENTZ, OF LAUREL, MONTANA, walked through the grounds of Bozeman's future sculpture park, the only one of its kind in the state, he took his time choosing a site for his work. “You have to figure out where your work will look good and integrate with the other artists’ work, so it has some cohesion to it,” Zentz…


Photo Essay: Under the Big Top

By Elizabeth Belts Kaufmann      

THE BIG TOP TENT DREW US IN. The personalities and friendships kept us. This summer marked the third time we've been invited to come experience the energy and passion that is the Culpepper & Merriweather family. If by chance you spot this group in your town's supermarket parking lot, middle school outfield or community park don't just drive by. Stop…