Fall 2016 Feature Articles

Checking The River

Written By Alan Kesselheim       Photography By Thomas Lee      

JIM GREENE AND MARTHA VOGT'S SECOND DATE took place in a canoe. They lived in Missoula, Montana, back then, and Greene invited Vogt to see a heron rookery on the Clark Fork River outside of town.  “We got in the boat that day and I saw that she knew how to hold a paddle and take a stroke,” Greene remembers. “That…


Rick Bass, Activist and Storyteller

Written By Carter G. Walker      

IN THE BACK OF A SMALLISH, BEAT-UP CAR, Rick Bass has a bike, a wrinkled white shirt to wear to his next reading, and a fine pair of leather shoes his daughters picked out for him in Peru. Next to the shoes is an orange and white bird dog, just a pup, and a month’s worth of recycling that the…


Montana’s Bighorn Sheep Back from the Brink

Written By PJ DelHomme      

ROUNDING A BEND BESIDE  Western Montana’s Rock Creek, I slam on the brakes and pull off the pavement onto what’s left of a crumbling shoulder. My three-year-old laughs from the backseat. On my right, Rock Creek rumbles only yards from his car seat. A near-vertical slope of scree rises to my left, and standing square in front of me is…


Fishing Fall Streamers

Written By Allen Morris Jones       Photography By Brian Grossenbacher      

IF YOU'RE DEVOTED TO FLY FISHING — if you enjoy the sport not only as a pastime but also as an exercise in aesthetics, in splitting hairs and taking the high road, arguing the minutia of knots and mends, dry flies versus nymphs, fluoro versus mono, tungsten versus lead — fishing streamers offers a kind of reprieve, a straightforward, uncomplicated return…


The Long-Term Business of Owls

Written By Melynda Harrison       Photography By Jeremy Lurgio      

UNDER A CRYSTAL CLEAR NIGHT SKY, I stepped out of the Owl Research Institute (ORI) fieldhouse — not far from the little town of St. Ignatius, Montana, on the edge of the Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge — to gaze at the stars. To my left, a great horned owl hooted in the darkness. Another replied from a different direction. I…