Arts 2013 Feature Articles

Opera in Montana: An Overture

Written By Carter G. Walker       Photography By Bryce Andrews      

FORGET ABOUT THE STIFF, WOODEN SEATS for just a moment and it’s easy to get lost in the lyrical voices filling the room, mingling with heart-thumping percussion, crashing cymbals and vibrating  strings … oh the strings. With closed eyes and a full heart, you could be anywhere and everywhere the music will take you. In Verona, beneath Juliette’s balcony. In…


A Monumental Talent

Photography By Robert Hawkins      

IT MAY NOT BE A CAREER PATH APPROPRIATE FOR EVERYONE, but bull riding provided Chris Navarro with many of the tools he needed to become a world-class sculptor. Bull riders develop an acute understanding of anatomy — both their own and that of the nearly 1-ton beast tucked between their legs. Their sense of movement and motion is akin to…


Montana Rodeo Royalty

Photography By Janie Osborne      

“USE YOUR FRINGE,” instructs Tahnee Lannae Peppenger at the Miss Southeastern Montana Rodeo Pageant (MSMR), as she gracefully raises her arms high in the air. Peppenger, a former runner up at Miss Rodeo Montana 2012, is demonstrating to contestants how to showcase western elegance attire for the Modeling and Appearance portion of the Miles City competition. Montana Rodeo Queen (ages…


Wandering: Billings

Written By Stella Fong       Photography By Lynn Donaldson      

THE BLACK GOLD FROM THE BAKKEN OIL BOOM may have put a new shine  on downtown Billings, but having lived in the Magic City for almost 15 years, I know it too hides riches below the surface. Despite the national recession Montana’s largest city hit the 100,000 population mark recently, and continues to revitalize its downtown, living up to the…


Let Icons Be Icons

Written By Todd Wilkinson      

R. TOM GILLEON'S War and Peace is a nine-story epic, an ennead that would make even Leo Tolstoy proud given the scope of its range. This visual tome, created by the painter who long ago adopted Montana as his home, covers a climactic sweep of Western indigenous history. Inculcated with symbolism, it sighs for a past that is no more, addresses the…


Layers of the Mind

Written By Michele Corriel       Photography By Tom Ferris      

JERRY IVERSON'S COLLAGED PAINTINGS SPEAK TO THE BIG QUESTIONS. Although he uses mainly black ink and white paper, his perspective is far from simple. For Iverson, the investigations into God, evolution, language and war pivot on the intersections of black lines where connections are made, or not made. His abstract work reaches into our collective consciousness, taking with it pointers…


Contemporary Re-Calibration

Written By Dina Mishev      

IN A TOWN THAT'S BEST known for Western and wildlife art, Jackson, Wyoming, is also a hotbed for contemporary work. For proof, look to a recent exhibit at the local Tayloe Piggott Gallery. “I am inspired by close observation of the most ordinary aspects of my immediate surroundings, the here and now, the quotidian stuff of everyday,” says artist Charles…