Arts 2012 Feature Articles

Marks of Strength

Written By Christine Rogel      

ONE OF DWAYNE WILCOX'S LEDGER DRAWINGS shows a Native man and woman riding a charging white horse. Its tail flies behind it and its neck strains to surge forward. The man in front holds onto his companion by the hip while she throws her head back in an expression of freedom. Given their body language, you’d expect them to be galloping their…


Photo Essay: Where the Music Lives

Photography By Glen Oakley      

Thomas Sneed Alta, Wyoming MANDOLINIST AND MUSICOLOGIST  Thomas Sneed lives literally in the shadow of the Tetons — his home is the former climbing lodge of mountaineer legend Paul Petzoldt. Sneed renovated the two-story log structure after a fire gutted the building following Petzoldt’s death. The restored lodge has become “an oasis for people who are touring,” he says, noting…


Textile Twist

Written By Alexis Marie Adams      

AT FIRST GLANCE, MAGGY ROZYCKI HILTNER'S textile pieces are lush, bright and nostalgic: Dick and Jane-like figures playing in a flower-filled garden, animals and children romping happily in a meadow. But then you take a closer look. In Pastoral Scene, a giant chipmunk holds a little boy by the neck and a girl by the ponytail while menacing-eyed deer look on. In…


Wearable Art: Elichai

Worldly Design: Elichai Written by Nancy Kessler  •  Photography by Charlie Eubank “Jewelry is an emotional conduit, a form of communication,” says Elichai, owner of the self-named gallery in Livingston, Mont. “I make things that embody the people who wear them, and the emotions of the giver, whether they’re saying thank you, we love you, you’re beautiful.” Elichai uses only his first…


Shadows and Light

Written By Michele Corriel       Photography By Tom Ferris      

OIL PAINTER JOSH ELLIOTT SITS in front of a huge canvas on his wheelie office chair. To his right a field study, much smaller and immediate, leans against the monitor where a photograph of Lake McDonald fills the screen. The panoramic scene of Glacier National Park’s largest lake spreads across the 18- by 54-inch painting. But it’s not just a rendition…


Dreamers Don’t Sleep

Written By Laura Zuckerman      

AT AGE 34, WILDLIFE ARTIST Amy Ringholz has met all of the career goals she established a decade ago: She has been named the featured artist for the 2012 Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival; she is among artists selected for Western Visions, the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s prestigious show and sale; and she will mark her 34th solo exhibit…


Tasting Western Realism

Written By Todd Wilkinson       Photography By Lynn Donaldson      

JEROME CONGRESS WANTED TO HAVE SOME QUALITY bonding time with his son before the teenager went off to school in Canada. The New York lawyer could have gone anywhere in the world, and indeed in vacations past the family had set off to exotic global destinations. He decided to take his 17-year-old, Adam Cohen-Congress, to a working cattle ranch “pretty much…