Arts 2009 Feature Articles

Preserving Yellowstone

Written By Todd Wilkinson       Photography By Audrey Hall      

AMONG THE CARDINAL TENETS of enduring landscape architecture: Form answers function and vision honors place. But what happens when changing times alter the pattern of use in a historic public structure and forces of modernity drive an unexpected wedge between the creator’s original intent and a building’s potential for achieving greater contemporary relevance? Last year, Paul Bertelli and John Brittingham,…


Evolving From Nature

Written By Polly Kolstad       Photography By John Godwin      

I WANT TO BECOME THE BEST AT MY ART,” says Thomas Milo Dean, of Milo Creek Carvings, as he peers over a 10-foot by 5-foot sculpture made of African bubinga, Oregon manzanita, and Montana juniper woods. Tipped at 30 degrees, the grand hand-carved piece eventually will make a whole river environment with 15 to 20 fish, frogs, cattails and dragonflies.…


Mentoring the Artist

Written By Deb Gelet      

ROBERT MOORE WORKS IN AN OLD BEAN WAREHOUSE in Declo, Idaho, and lives with his wife and six children on his land nearby. At first glance, he is the quintessential rural Westerner in his tattered Carhartts, boots and hat (maybe two if it’s cold). But, Moore does not spend his days with crops or cattle. He raises paintings, and painters. In…


Photo Essay: Beyond the Rodeo Grandstand

Photography By Audrey Hall      

THE RODEO GRANDSTAND is usually filled with weathered locals and city slickers all duded up in cowboy hats and fancy western shirts ready to watch an evening of cowboy entertainment, bucking horses and rodeo queens. From its roots as a working ranch competition, the modern rodeo has language and traditions all its own. It’s a place of flank men and…


The Evolution of an Art Town

Written By Dina Mishev      

WELL INTO THE 1980S, IT WAS A BUSH THAT HERALDED the beginning and end of the season for Jackson Hole's art galleries. You can still see it today: Stand on the southeast corner of Jackson’s Town Square and look up to the northwest until your eyes hit the only bush on a hillside of grass and sage. That’s it. When…


Dave Hodges: Sculpting Dreams into Reality

Written By Pattie Layser      

LATE JUNE BURNS HOT AND DRY at P Hanging Heart Ranch. Sun strikes the Yellowstone River on the southern border, flanked by cottonwoods, Russian olive trees and the fuchsia sprawl of wild roses, where a gravel road leads into Dave and Carmen Hodges’ ranch. With the Crazy Mountains as a backdrop, dust blooms in the distance, roiling behind a vintage…