Western Focus

People and profiles from BSJ's architectural issue, HOME

Landmark Builders

Home 2009       Written By Patty Sebrot      

Rocky Mountain Chateau. Northwestern Tudor. Flathead Lake Modern. With a wide range of styles and expertise in his body of work, it wouldn’t be a surprise if builder Orlan Sorenson…

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Community Collaboration

Home 2011       Written By Dina Mishev      

“Part of the success of our firm is the culture we’ve created here,” says John Carney, co-founding principal at Jackson’s Carney Logan Burke and a Fellow of the AIA. “There’s…

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Second Nature

Home 2015       By Sarah Goldblatt       Photography By Roger Wade      

My only worry with the sod roof,” says Aman Villa homeowner Deb Sybert “is one day finding a moose taking up residence there.” It’s not far-fetched to imagine wildlife mistaking…

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Artfulness in an Overnight Stay

Home 2016       Written By Seonaid B. Campbell       Photography By Lynn Donaldson      

Four years ago, when the derelict Imperial 400 Motel on Bozeman’s West Main Street closed its doors, the community collectively breathed a sigh of relief. To many, the midcentury motor…

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Yellowstone Traditions: A Quite Revolution

Home 2011       Photography By Alex Tenenbaum      

Harry Howard has been summoned from his office at the headquarters of Yellowstone Traditions, a construction company whose work could belong to craftsmen centuries past.  A doorknob turns somewhere down…

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Behind the Boards

Home 2017       Written By Allen Morris Jones       Photography By Allen Morris Jones      

A little more than 40 years ago (call it 1974 or 1975), Jonathan Foote had a conversation with his brother, Geoff. Jon Foote was an up-and-coming architect then based in…

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Western Focus: Artistic Furnishings

Home 2012       Written By Christine Rogel      

The Molesworth Tradition:  Marc Taggart & Co Marc Taggart remembers attending a furniture show in 1989 that changed his life. It was titled “Interior West, The Craft and Style of…

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Western Focus: Redefining the Western Aestetic: Kilo Group

Home 2012       Written By Melissa Mylchreest       Photography By Mark Bryant      

When Jeremy Oury talks about architecture, his face lights up. On a recent afternoon in his Missoula office, flipping through photo albums of projects, he speaks about the various homes,…

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Western Focus: Montana Ecosmart House

Home 2013       Written By Christine Rogel      

Windows that automatically tint in direct sunlight, a solar thermal battery that’s never been installed in the U.S., a geothermal heat system that uses ground temperature to provide free, renewable…

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Inhabiting Space and Artistry

Home 2015       Written By Seonaid B. Campbell       Photography By Derik Olsen      

Pearson Design Group (PDG), of Bozeman, has a new home, a wedge-shaped, flat-roofed structure of wood, concrete and steel that founding principal and lead designer Larry Pearson calls his contemporary…

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The Artisans Next Door

Home 2017       Written By Erin H. Turner      

Local. Handmade. Artisanal. From soap to jam to wine, those words, as applied to some of our everyday purchases, evoke the modern and trendy even as they harken to an…

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Crossing a Threshold: Pearson Design Group

Spring & Summer 2009       Written By Ralph Kylloe      

At Pearson Design Group, of Bozeman, Montana, Larry Pearson and his team have pioneered a culture of “Client Centered Architecture.” In an era where an architect’s signature design style often…

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Montana Expressions

Home 2013       Written By Michele Corriel      

Walk into the Montana Expressions showroom and the sheer selection of furnishings is dazzling. From the mesquite slab table with iron inlays and an ox yoke base to the African…

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Enchanting Exteriors

Home 2015       Written By Laura Zuckerman      

The Rocky Mountains act as the canvas for native trees, shrubs and flowers used by the landscape architecture and planning firm Design Workshop as they artfully enhance the exteriors of…

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Le Cadeau

Home 2010       Written By Carter G. Walker       Photography By Karl Neumann      

THE ROAD WINDS UP AND AROUND the mountain at Spanish Peaks, slipping through forests and passing vibrant green tee boxes that look like launch sites into infinity. Even before you…

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Outdoor Living

Home 2011       Written By Patty Sebrot      

If one element defines architecture in the West, it is the connection to the land. The beauty of this place draws people here, so much so that it’s hard to…

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Western Focus: Living with Fire

Home 2014       Written By Melissa Mylchreest       Photography By Molly Shepherd      

In mid-July 2003, a dry lightning storm roared into the Northern Rockies. Within days, the Wedge Canyon Fire was up and running, charging east out of Montana’s Whitefish Range. By…

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The Spirit of the West in Jackson, Wyoming

Home 2016       Written By Seabring Davis      

Jackson, Wyoming, is best known for its mountains. The Teton Range, with some of the steepest slopes in North America, attracts climbers, hikers, and skiers from all over the world,…

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Sculpting a Home

Home 2017       Written By Myers Reece       Photography By Erik Petersen      

Last fall, a local newspaper article entitled “Wrangling Rattlers with Parks Reece” featured my father doing exactly what the headline suggests. It was the first time I had seen him…

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Reclaiming the Past

Home 2012       Written By Kim Ibes      

A few miles south of the historic Gallatin Gateway Inn along Highway 191 a single log structure stands surrounded by hundreds of neatly stacked reclaimed wood piles. Much of the…

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Going Green

Home 2011       Written By Dina Mishev      

“I was looking for an elegant way to bring architecture into a dialogue with the land,” says Tom Ward, a principal founder of Jackson’s Ward + Blake Architects. With millions…

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A Twist of Style

Home 2015       Written By Michele Corriel       Photography By Karl Neumann      

By combining contemporary pieces with a modern twist Sharon Lohss of Shelter Interiors creates livable spaces with a sophisticated feel.  “I love to blend elements,” Lohss says. “I like rustic…

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Living Big Sky on HGTV

Home 2015       Written By Seabring Davis       By LuWayne Sieler      

Clean air. Clean water. Outdoor adventures. Small town life. That’s the Montana lifestyle that has attracted so many people to the state over the last two decades. Now, the new…

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The Modern Kitchen

Home 2017       Written By Corinne Garcia      

The kitchen is no longer just a place to store food and prepare meals, closed off from the rest of the house. Today, the open layout of contemporary kitchens truly…

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Western Focus: Before & After

Home 2013       Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By Karl Neumann      

Outside of Bozeman, down a pastoral road that was paved a little over a year ago, a home orientates itself in a landscape where old barns and grain silos still…

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Fighting Bear Antiques

Home 2010       Photography By Audrey Hall      

TERRY AND CLAUDIA WINCHELL, owners of Fighting Bear Antiques, are celebrating a 30-year anniversary. Over this multi-decade stretch, the renowned store on a quiet side street of Jackson Hole, Wyoming…

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Curated Home

Home 2011       Written By Betsy Swartz      

“The arts are important for all of us, whether or not we ourselves practice a particular discipline. Art, broadly speaking, is that which invites us into contemplation. In that moment…

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Western Focus: Earth Elements Design Center

Home 2014       Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By Lauren Grundhoefer      

When imagining mountain homes, images of log cabins, lodges, chalets and A-frames come to mind. There are steep rooflines to handle snow load and small windows to retain heat. Rustic,…

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Western Focus: Wagner & Company Landscaping

Home 2012       Written By Andre Zolars      

"The greatest reward in our job is the chance to preserve and protect the precious resources that we have in Montana," reflects Dusty Wagner of Wagner & Company Landscaping. A third-generation…

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Defining Rocky Mountain Rustic

Home 2016       Written By Corinne Garcia      

When Dennis Johnson started Bridger Steel in the mid-‘90s, he never imagined that he would one day be filling a niche in the Western design world. Initially, the focus of…

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The Long Shadow

Home 2017       Written By Christine Rogel       Photography By JK Lawrence      

In 2015, a record 4 million people visited Yellowstone National Park, many of them drawn by the opportunity to witness the eruption of the most predictable geothermal geyser on earth,…

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Reid Smith Architects

Home 2009       Written By Carter G. Walker      

REID SMITH ARCHITECTS IS NOT A CONVENTIONAL FIRM. At the beginning of any project, for example, the entire firm gathers at the site for an open air brainstorming session. “We…

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Western Focus: Yellowstone Traditions

Home 2013       Written By Aaron Schuerr      

Near the main office of general contractor Yellowstone Traditions (YT) sits a large warehouse abuzz with the business of carpentry. Known as YT’s Custom Shop, a team of woodworkers is…

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Keeping Up with the Upkeep

Home 2017       Written By Michele Corriel      

There’s something about log homes, iconic symbols of pioneering in the West, that manages to reflect a kind of rugged individualism as well as capture the essence of living in…

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Oasis House

Home 2009       Written By Melynda Harrison      

Pouwel Gelderloos, owner of Masterworks Construction imagined a house based on concepts he saw in nature. “With all the concerns people have about finite resources, we have to look at…

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Kibler & Kirch’s New Design Studio

Home 2016       Written By Stella Fong       Photography By Audrey Hall      

The interior design firm Kibler & Kirch has been helping Montanans make the most of their business and home interiors for more than 25 years. Founded by Rosina Kastelitz, Erica…

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Bringing Alternatives to the Northern Rockies

Home 2015       Written By Christine Rogel      

When Beau Turner, director of natural resources and biodiversity at Turner Enterprises Inc., sought a renewable energy retrofit for the Flying D Ranch, located in the foothills near Gallatin Canyon,…

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Making a Statement: Miller Architects

Home 2016       Written By Seabring Davis       Photography By Audrey Hall      

When the principal partners of Miller Architects decided to relocate their firm from Livingston to Bozeman, Montana, they were seeking a building with historic roots but a fresh look. They…

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Lohss Construction

Home 2010       Written By Jamie Knowles      

THE WORK OF LOHSS CONSTRUCTION evokes feelings of tranquility and solace through a refined rustic style. Aspiring to make each home unique, Chris Lohss approaches his projects with a perspective…

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Consummate Consideration

Home 2014       Written By Dina Mishev      

The metal-topped, oversized conference table in architect Stephen Dynia’s Jackson, Wyoming, office is a mess. Twin giant computer monitors barely escape from stacks (and stacks) of books and magazines. There…

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Western Focus: Living With What You Love

Home 2014       Written By Corinne Garcia       Photography By Roger Wade      

How do you want to feel when you walk through your front door at the end of the day? Whether it’s a Yellowstone Club vacation home right on the slopes,…

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Mountain High Woodworks

Home 2009       Written By Michele Corriel      

Mountain High Woodworks, one of the premiere high-end custom cabinetry shops in the region, is the brainchild of Richard Garwood. Three decades ago Garwood began in a little shop up…

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Western Focus: Classic Connection: Miller Architects

Home 2013       Written By Seabring Davis      

Here’s the truth about Architect Candace Tillotson-Miller: She’s a romantic. Principal of Miller Architects in Livingston, she came to Montana, fresh from the Rhode Island School of Design to work…

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