Fish Tales

Essays on fly fishing; tall tales are welcome

Fish Tales: Whoa, Nice Tetons

Fly Fishing 2009       Written By James Babb       Illustrated By Bob White      

MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE AFTER SIX DECADES of fishing mostly the same places I’ve convinced myself I can fish, in the same way that singing Siegfried in the shower makes me think…

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Fish Tales: Fishing with Elise

Fly Fishing 2009       Written By Susan Ewing       Illustrated By Bob White      

I'M HUNKERED IN THE BOTTOM OF THE DRIFTBOAT, covered with goose bumps, discouraged by the wind, eating a cookie. Elise has cinched down her cap and continues to cast from…

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Fish Tales: Lost Catch

Fly Fishing 2010       Written By Allen Morris Jones       Written By Scott McMillion       Written By Jennifer Olsson       Art By Parks Reece      

The Lost Fish By Allen Morris Jones AGING INTO A LIFE SPENT FLY FISHING means coming to terms with disappointment. Your successes are a cinch, of course. Snapshots of brown…

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Fish Tales: The Not So Compleat Angler

Fly Fishing 2012       Written By Greg Keeler       Illustrated By Fred Thomas      

I SAT GLUMLY ON A ROCK BY Trail Creek staring at my huge frayed Wooly-Bugger as my friend Jack moved upstream like a well-oiled fishing machine. Swick, swick, swick went John’s featherweight…

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Fish Tales: Your Number

Fly Fishing 2012       Written By Fred Melton       Illustrated By Fred Thomas      

I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. And I have your number. You live in a distant corner of Yellowstone National Park, in the middle of a set of broad meadows bordered by…

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Fish Tales: Jackson

Fly Fishing 2009       Written By John Gierach      

WHEN WE PULLED INTO Jackson, Wyoming, there was the sense that we’d been “everywhere at once while going nowhere in particular,” as Adam Gopnik once said of the way poets…

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Fish Tales: The Chance of a Lifetime

Fly Fishing 2011      

ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN By Charlotte McGuinn Freeman When you move to Montana you get a lot of questions, especially “do you fish?” It’s Montana after all, and they imagine A…

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Fish Tales: The Good Old Days

Fly Fishing 2013       Written By Toby Thompson       Illustrated By Ralph Weigmann      

Lines Written by Toby Thompson I've always equated angling with loss — not that of a trout or bass, but with affairs of the heart. The one that got away is too…

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Fish Tales: North Pacific

Fly Fishing 2012       Written By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.       Illustrated By Fred Thomas      

PERHAPS IT WAS COINCIDENCE THAT THE LAST DAY of Harry Wilson’s life was also the best, and he wondered about that possibility as it drew to a close. He had…

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Fish Tales: Where the Wild Things Are

Fly Fishing 2009       Written By Paul Guernsey       Illustrated By Bob White      

IN THE LATE AFTERNOON, at the spot where Rock Creek empties into the Smith River, I finally was released from the privileged prison of the blue rubber raft in which I…

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Fish Tales: Half Formed

Fly Fishing 2009       Written By James Prosek       Illustrated By Bob White      

WHEN I WAS 13, my mom, feeling guilty for leaving home when I was 9, asked me the one thing I wanted to do in the coming summer. I said I…

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Fish Tales: Hope and Mystery

Fly Fishing 2009       Written By Paul Schullery       Illustrated By Bob White      

SOMETIMES, DAYDREAMING ALONG A HEART-WRENCHINGLY BEAUTIFUL trout stream — where even the slightest bend of the current around a small rock seems to have a magical light about it — I…

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