Imaginative narratives from regional writers 

Fiction: Fishing the Canyon by Charley Hester

Fly Fishing 2010       Written By Charley Hester      

THE FISHERMAN HAD ALWAYS BEEN AFRAID to fish the canyon. Not exactly afraid really; just apprehensive. It made no sense. He had fished the lower sections of the creek lots of times,…

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Fiction: Fires by Rick Bass

Summer 2013       Written By Rick Bass      

SOME YEARS THE HEAT COMES IN APRIL. There is always wind in April, but with luck, there is warmth, too. There is usually a drought, so that the fields are…

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Fiction: Robert Redford Speaking French by Charlotte McGuinn Freeman

Summer 2010       Written By Charlotte McGuinn Freeman      

Alice is in Paris on the first anniversary of Peter’s death. The day had borne down on her like a train coming through a tunnel. She had to do something.…

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Fiction: A Journey, an excerpt from the upcoming novel “Nashville Chrome,” by Rick Bass

Arts 2010       Written By Rick Bass      

THE ROAD WAS DIFFERENT, ONLY A GENERATION AGO. Country music singers of today have no idea. It’s all podcast and blog, all surface and slide. Not so long ago it…

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Fiction: Happy is the Man by Peter Fong

Fly Fishing 2009       Written By Peter Fong       Photography By Ken Takata      

THE OLD GUY REMOVED THE FLY from the fish — a pot-bellied brown of about 9 pounds — before turning his attention to Riley. “This,” he declared, “is not some…

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Fiction: The Client by M. Don Oliver II

Fly Fishing 2011       Written By M. Don Oliver II       Photography By Jen Britton      

THE RINING PHONE STARTLED ME OUT OF MY OFF SEASON, mid-afternoon nap. This has been occurring more and more lately and I’m not sure whether I should be grateful or irritated.…

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Fiction: Slap by Pete Fromm

Spring & Summer 2009       Written By Pete Fromm      

IT'S NOTHING. Or maybe something new only to Dalt’s ears. He’s gotten me into the front seat and is wrestling with the wheelchair, the damn sticky collapse lever, holding up…

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Fiction: Voodoo Queen on River Left

Summer 2015       Written By Sarah Grigg       Illustrated By Jesse Greenwood      

“You see, this?” She pulled the lit cigar from her teeth and held it aloft as if raising the sacrament, smoke levitating to midday sun like the birth of wildfire…

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